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Good food and lots of music in Lecce area

During your stay at the Tenuta Monacelli located in Cerrate, or even the Salento Living in the historic center of Lecce, in Salento, in Puglia, you will have a chance to discover Good food and lots of music in Lecce area, and other events and festivals that are organized every year in this beautiful region of Italy.


On March 19 the TAVOLE DI SAN GIUSEPPE (SAINT JOSEPH’S TABLES) are prepared to celebrate the saint. This custom, which has very ancient origins, has been passed on in many municipalities of the Salento such as Giurdignano, Poggiardo, Uggiano la Chiesa, Cerfignano, Cocumola, Minervino di Lecce, Casamassella, Otranto, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Sava, Monteparano, San Pietro Vernotico, Erchie and San Donaci The tables are laden with many dishes, such as pittule, the zeppole, pasta with cabbage and typical desserts.  Especially prepared for the festival are the traditional tortini or ciambelle cakes, a type of bread with the image of Saint Joseph in the centre. Each table cannot have more than 13 diners at the same table, as were the apostles during the Last Supper.


In June Gallipoli awards the PREMIO BAROCCO (BAROQUE PRIZE). In the beautiful setting of the Angioino castle takes place the Grand Gala that for over 40 years has rewarded celebrities from various fields, from film and music, sports and journalism, entrepreneurship and fashion. With RAI (Italian National Broadcaster) broadcasting this award live, this event has achieved international importance and every year proves to be an excellent showcase for Italian excellence.

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On the first week of August, Maglie hosts the MERCATINO DEL GUSTO (TASTE MARKET) This wonderful event aims to raise awareness of all the characteristics of food and wine production in Puglia. With over 100 exhibitors, guests can taste and learn about all the specialties and food products in the region, meet exhibitors, discover the curiosity behind each stage of production, the history of each dish or ingredient, from the simplest to the most elaborate, while respecting a delicious and healthy cuisine that puts quality first.


Between July and August LOCOMOTIVE JAZZ FESTIVAL takes place in the province of Lecce. This music festival dedicated to jazz is really original, with a traveling show and the organization of concerts in spectacular natural landscapes, historic buildings and beautiful architecture. In collaboration with FAI (Italian Fund for the Environment), the union of music and the environment gives rise to debates, exhibitions, workshops and tastings. In addition, the LOCOMOTIVE initiative organizes concerts on historical trains on the two lines Bari – Lecce and Lecce – Gallipoli – Lecce, and the entire amount collected from the ticket fares is donated to charity.


In mid-August, Cannole holds the FESTA DELLA MUNICEDDHA (MUNICEDDHA FESTIVAL), entirely dedicated to snails. This specialty of Salento is cooked roasted, fried, or with sauce and it will delight the taste buds of locals and tourists alike. Along with Municedda music and popular dances with the traditional instrument pizzica ​​ and its involving rhythm will be on offer. Many other dining spots will give the opportunity to sample other local specialties such as sausage, grilled meat, ricotta, pittule and spumoni.




In August in Oria you can admire the rich parade dedicated to Frederick II and the TORNEO DEI RIONI (DISTRICT TOURNAMENT). Now in its 50th edition this parade hosts more than 1000 participants in period costumes that fill its streets. At the end of the parade the Tournament of the four districts sees riders and athletes engaged in an exciting challenge while jousting for being the winner.


In late August Melpignano will have you get involved in the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA (TARANTA NIGHT). The great concert of Melpignano is the conclusion of a series of concerts in various Salento locations, which see Italian, and international artists alternate each other while performing on stage, as well as masters of popular music. Over the years this festival has open to different genres and usually the final concert in Melpignano is dedicated to a well renowned artist in the music scene.


The first week of September Carpignano Salentino hosts the FESTA TE LU MIERU. Started in 1974, this festival celebrates dance, food and wine. Pizzica and the tarantella will give rhythm to the summer evenings, along with other rhythms and genres brought on stage by various artists. Good typical food of Salento will be easily available in the Town Square and surrounding alleys, offering ricotta cheese, anchovies, and horsemeat with gravy.

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