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From the castles of Matilde di Canossa to the engines of Enzo Ferrari, in Emilia Romagna


In Scandiano we can visit the beautiful Rocca dei Boiardo. This impressive architectural complex has represented the political power of the town for centuries. Today we can walk through its halls and admire the magnificent frescoes, the earthenware statues and the antique furniture.

Rocca dei Boiardo, Scandiano

In the area we can visit the numerous castles of Matilda di Canossa. The Great Countess had vast holdings, the remaining buildings are the Castle of Sarzano, Castle of Carpineti, Castle of Montecchio, Castle of Bianello, Castle of Rossena, Castle of Canossa. All the castles are in visual contact with each other.


Among the towns of Toano and Marola we can have another interesting journey, full of Romanesque churches. The most important is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Toano, with its simple interior, framed by columns decorated with Byzantine motifs.


The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the patron saint of Reggio Emilia, is located in Piazza Grande and dates back to the ninth century. Inside there are the Brami Chapel, Toschi Chapel and Rangone Chapel which houses the tomb of the eponymous bishop. In the Fiordibelli Chapel there’s the painting by Guercino.

Piazza Grande, Reggio Emilia

The Piazza Grande or Prampolini Square, is bounded by the Cathedral, the Palazzo del Monte with the civic tower, the Town Hall and the Torre del Bordello. The square is also characterized by the Crostolo statue, which represents the river with the same name.

The Basilica of the Ghiara or Temple of the Blessed Virgin of Ghiara, houses wonderful frescoes. On the walls we have a representation of time divided into Paganism Time, Old Testament time, time of the Gospel, the time of the Church. On the vaults we find various subjects related to the Old Testament.


In Sassuolo we can visit the Ducal Palace, which overlooks the square of the Rose. The first building was built by the Este in the middle of the fifteenth century, and later renovated in seventeenth-century style. The façade has several sculptures, while in the central courtyard there is the Neptune fountain. Inside, the building is full of paintings and other statues of great artistic value.

MEF, Modena


In the beautiful town of Modena, we can visit the MEF, the House museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari. Built in 2012, the museum complex also includes the birth house of the famous entrepreneur. Motor enthusiasts can’t miss this exhibition which includes classic cars and the latest models. The building itself, with its outer shape reminiscent of a bonnet and the white and linear interiors, is a great example of design.


In this beautiful village there’s the Albinea Castle, built in the ninth century by the Fogliani family. Surrounded by greenery, most of the walls, the main tower, the loopholes and the typical medieval battlements are still intact. Two other towers defend the southern part of the castle.

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