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Art, places and architecture of Emilia Romagna

Choosing to stay at the Roncolo 1888, a charming B&B located in Roncolo di Quattro Castella, in the province of Reggio Emilia, will give you the opportunity to discover art, places and architecture of Emilia Romagna.


A city known for the production of a superb raw ham and the famous Parmesan cheese, Parma also offers great emotions from an artistic and cultural point of view. The city’s landmark is undoubtedly its Cathedral.

Built in 1074, it houses the bas-reliefs of Benedetto Antelami, the frescoes by Correggio and numerous examples of Romanesque art. Next to the Cathedral we find the Baptistery characterized by an octagonal plan and a vertical development underlined by loggias with architraved openings.

Cathedral of Parma

Next is the Cittadella di Parma, a fortress with a pentagon shape dating back to the sixteenth century, which today is used as a public park with spaces dedicated to children’s activities and sports.

Another important monument is the Palazzo della Pilotta, a complex of buildings located in the historical center of Parma that takes its name from the game of the “pelota”.

It is currently home to the National Gallery, which exhibits works by Leonardo da Vinci, Beato Angelico, Tintoretto and Parmigianino, the National Archaeological Museum, the Bodoni Museum and the Palatine Library. 

Reggio nell’Emilia

In Reggio Emilia, the capital of the province of the same name, we can visit the famous Town Hall, home of the City Hall, whose fame derives from the Room of the Tricolour, where, on January 7, 1797, the Italian flag was born.

Further on we can enter the Cathedral or Duomo of Reggio Emilia, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. It is a building in Romanesque style dating back to the tenth century where we can admire the beautiful unfinished facade, however, decorated with a work by Prospero Salgari called the Clement, to whom we owe the presence of statues depicting Adam and Eve. Inside, however, the chapels and frescoes by Francesco Fontanesi are impressive.

Municipal Theatre, Reggio nell’Emilia

The majestic Municipal Theatre still has a significant activity in the field of classical music, opera, ballet and dance. The ancient library is very beautiful and has an historical archive that can still be visited today.

For those who love contemporary art, you can not miss the Maramotti Collection, a private collection of contemporary art opened in 2007 in the former factory of Max Mara, which boasts nearly two hundred works.

Quattro Castella

In this municipality of Emilia that takes its name from the four castles that rise on four hills, we can admire the Castle of Bianello, the only fortification left standing of the four towers and visit the Church of St. Anthony Martyr, built on ruins of the fourth century, of which you can contemplate the wonderful architectural layout.

Castle of Rossena


By visiting Canossa you cannot help but be fascinated by the gentle hilly landscapes and the castles that rise majestically over them.

The most famous is undoubtedly the castle of Rossena, which has preserved its original structure of insurmountable fortress from external attacks and also houses a small hostel.

Motor Valley

Emilia-Romagna is not only a land of immense artistic and architectural beauty, but it is also the land of motors.

It is no coincidence that it boasts a wealth of museums, motoring sites and collections that are unique in the world. This industrial district specializing in the automotive sector has seen the birth of major brands such as Fiat, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.

The heritage that is concentrated in this motor valley is immense: 13 museums, 188 sports teams including clubs and stables, 4 racetracks including Misano and Imola.

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