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Fairs, historical parades, chocolate and truffles, the festivals of Emilia Romagna


In February, in Castellarano, there’s Cioccolando, a gastronomic event dedicated to chocolate. This dessert loved by adults and children becomes even more impressive on Valentine’s Day with chocolates of all shapes and a thousand variations of taste. The most talented chocolatiers will perform in their best and most spectacular recipes, a feast for the palate and the eyes!


In March, in Scandiano, there’s the Festival of Saint Joseph. It is a very old festival about craft and farm with different pavilions and stands. The exhibitors come from all over Italy and if you are not expert in the field, however, you will find many interesting items, from gift ideas to clothing pieces, food and drinks.

Matildic historical parade, Quattro Castella photo maestadellabattaglia


In May in Quattro Castella, you can admire the Matildic historical parade. The reenactment is dedicated to Matilda di Canossa and recalls its refeudation by Emperor Henry V. The parade consists of more than a thousand people in medieval costumes, medieval jousts, tournaments and demonstrations, flag-wavers, musicians and jesters. Among the most exciting games there’s the Quintana of the Ring and the Game of the Bridge. There will also be the easier games for kids.


In June, in Canossa, there’s the Rossena in Arme. This medieval event takes place in Rossena Castle, one of the castles of Matilda di Canossa, with the intent to recreate the atmosphere and lifestyle of the era. There are banquets, camps of soldiers, medieval markets, traditional crafts demonstrations, and many typical food and drinks. The musical events will conclude the evening.


In October, in Carpineti, there’s the Via dei Metati, a naturalistic and gastronomic journey through the mountains. There are trekking tours to visit the trails through the woods and immerse yourself in the lush nature of the Apennines. The metati are ancient stone buildings built to store and dry the chestnuts. Scattered along the Tuscan Emilian Apennines, they are evidence of the time when the chestnut was the staple food of the entire area. The metati could also be attached to the housing and can be found in different sizes. The Via dei Metati is an opportunity to taste many dishes made with chestnuts, but also some excellent wines, cheese and pastries.

Truffle Festival, Viano photo primapaginareggio


In November, in Viano, there’s the Truffle Festival. This delicious food has been celebrated for over twenty editions, and every year gains more and more admirers. You can taste many dishes made with truffles, admire the beautiful dogs, walk through the stands of handicrafts to find a original gift. In addition there will also be exhibitions and tastings dedicated to food produced in Emilia Romagna, such as mushrooms, cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

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