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From appetizer to dessert, the traditional dishes of Imperia are

During your stay in Molino dei Giusi, situated in Imperia, and in La Casa del Caco, situated in Dolcedo, in Liguria, you can taste from appetizer to dessert, the traditional dishes of Imperia are.

Frisceu con fiori di trombette

The frisceu with trumpets flowers are pancakes made with the flowers of trumpet zucchini. This type of zucchini is widely used in the Ligurian cuisine. These pancakes are prepared with both the zucchini and its flower. The frisceu is a rustic and simple dish, is prepared with a batter made of water, flour and eggs, zucchini and flowers are sliced and poured in the mixture forming pancakes to fry in hot oil. A variation of this recipe provides a richer and batter with the addition of cheese and Parmesan. These pancakes are great served hot as an appetizer or as a side dish. For the success of the recipe the zucchini flowers must be fresh.

Mesciua (vistochebuono)_opt

Mesciua photo vistochebuono

Mesciua, Zuppa di Legumi

The mesciua is an original recipe of La Spezia. It’s a dish of poor origin where the quantities of the ingredients were variable depending on the availability and usually had to provide for the lack of meat. Mesciua means mixed and gives the idea of a dish made with what you find in your house. Today we can enjoy this vegetable soup with cannellini beans, chickpeas, spelt. Some excellent extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of pepper complete the soup, cooked slowly, and the beans separated to give more texture and flavor, so the mesciua bakes all together just for the last 10 minutes. It goes well with the homemade bread.

Pizza all’Andrea

The Andrea pizza is a flat bread seasoned with onion, tomato and anchovies. This type of pizza is baked in a pan and stays crisp. The pizza has this name because it was dedicated to Andrea Doria, Admiral born in Imperia in the fifteenth century, but it is known with many other names like macchettusa, pissadala, pissalandrea. Another version is called sardenara and provides sardines instead of anchovies.


The Stroscia is a traditional Italian dessert. It has a unique flavor because it is made with extra virgin olive oil. It has the appearance of a dry and crumbly cake, with very aromatic and sweet taste thanks to lemon and the vermouth. Is a rustic pie that has to be broken with the hands to share it with diners. This cake is from Pietrabruna, a small village in western Liguria, and the use of olive oil was due to the lack of butter.

stoccafisso all'onegliese (foodbloggermania)_opt

Onegliese stockfish photo foodbloggermania

Stoccafisso all’onegliese

The onegliese stockfish is a delicious and tasty second course of fish, and has its origin in Oneglia, a neighborhood of Imperia. It is cooked with a fry of onion, celery, garlic, carrots, anchovies, pine nuts and walnuts, all the ingredients are chopped and cooked for 10 minutes before adding the stockfish into pieces. It is blended with the white wine and potatoes are added into pieces with olives and peppers. The preparation of this dish is long and complex, but the result is rich in aromas and flavors.

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