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Discovering the flavours and typical courses of the Ligurian tradition

By staying at the Borgo Muratori holiday farm in Diano Marina, you will travel discovering the flavours and typical courses of the Ligurian tradition.


A Ligurian dish that you can enjoy all year round is the buridda: it is a fish soup very similar to the caciucco prepared with dogfish, eel and mullet and served with the gallette del marinaio, pieces of bread crushed and dried excellent to dip in this delicious fish sauce.

The term buridda seems to be of Arabic origin and means “to pieces” just to indicate that the fish must be cut into pieces and not put in its entirety.

Burrida, photo by lacucinaitaliana

Pizza dell’Andrea – Sardenea

One of the typical meals of Imperia and Diano Marina is the pizza dell’Andrea, better known as “sardenea” or pizza with sardines. The name pizza dell’Andrea derives from the fact that Admiral Andrea Doria liked it very much, and is made with anchovies, sardines, onions, tomatoes, black olives and basil.

Instead, the name of sardenea is to refer to its preparation, since in ancient times only the heads of the sardine were used.

Stuffed anchovies

Another typical Ligurian dish is the stuffed anchovies that can be fried or baked: once cleaned, they are filled with a mix of breadcrumbs, aromatic herbs and oil, closed and passed in the flour and then in the egg. There are also those who dress them with ground beef.

Green Pie

One of the most popular rustic product in Liguria is the green cake: it can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is made with puff pastry or fillo along with a mix of seasonal vegetables.

Ligurian stuffed vegetables, photo by genova.erasuperba

Ligurian stuffed vegetables

Another great classic of Ligurian cuisine is the stuffed vegetables.

Served both as a main course and as an appetizer, it is a dish of poor origins that originally provided for a filling of low-fats, that is without meat or derivatives, even if today it is prepared with minced meat, mortadella and ham.

Among the vegetables that are mostly used are: aubergines, zucchini, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Ligurian rabbit

A very tasty second course is the Ligurian rabbit. This dish is prepared with Taggiasca olives, pine nuts and aromatic herbs and everything is blended with wine and cooked with broth. It is a very tasty and delicate meal given the combination of the tender and sweet meat of the rabbit with a bitter aftertaste given by the Taggiasca olives, pine nuts and wine.


Among the typical products of Liguria there is the Carpasina: it is a typical bread produced in Imperia, made with barley flour.

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