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Aromas, wine, snails and dry fruits of Imperia cuisine

During your stay in the agritourism L’Adagio in Badalucco, in Imperia district, in Liguria, you can taste aromas, wine, snails and dry fruits of Imperia cuisine.

Stoccafisso alla Baucogna

The Baucogna stockfish is a typical recipe of Badalucco. It’s a very old recipe that involves the preparation of a sauce with chopped garlic, parsley, onion, and then the washed and cleaned mushrooms and anchovies. Then add walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, crumbled amaretti and olives to the mixture. Add with white wine. The fish soaks in water, cleaned and cut into pieces to be placed in a baking dish with freshly prepared sauce, a few hours long cooking creates a truly unique and tasty recipe!

Frandura (torta di patate)

The frandura is a typical potato cake of Montalto Ligure. It’s a dish of poor origin that the farmers brought with them during long working days. Today you can enjoy it cold during trips and picnics and is a very popular dish in Liguria. There are several variations of this cake, with or without eggs, the main ingredient is of course the potato that is cut into thin pieces and added to the mixture of flour and milk. It is sprinkled with parmesan cheese and baked. A simple and delicious cake!

frandura (myfoodwall.blogspot)_opt

Frandura photo myfoodwall.blogspot


The suggelli are a typical type of pasta in Triora. It’s a fresh pasta made of flour and water similar to the orecchiette of Puglia and originates in France. The suggelli are seasoned with pesto or sauce.

Coniglio alla ligure

The Ligurian rabbit is a very tasty dish of meat with flavorings that give it a strong and fragrant taste. The rabbit meat is cut into pieces and browned with herbs: rosemary, bay, thyme, juniper berries and onion. It is mixed with white or red wine and when the cooking is almost done they add pine nuts and olives typical of Liguria. The rabbit is served hot. In some variations the flavorings can change and are often used marjoram, sage and capers, and you will discover every time different and unexpected shades.

coniglio-alla-ligure (marlacucina)_opt

Ligurian rabbit photo marlacucina

Frittelle di fagioli (Friscioi)

The bean pancakes are prepared with beans soaked overnight. It follows a long cooking like it was done in the past that makes the beans soft and digestible. When they are ready they create a mash that is mixed with parsley, onion, flour and milk to create the pancakes to fry in butter. The Friscioi in Liguria are prepared with many other ingredients such as the courgette flowers or various types of seafood such as shrimp or stockfish.


The Snails in Liguria are cooked in many recipes and there are many farms of snails in the whole region. Ligurian Snails involve the use of dried mushrooms soaked and cut into slices with carrots and onions. Once the vegetables are cooked, add the wine and chopped parsley and finally the snails already without the shell and boiled for a long time. It’s seasoned with olive oil and served hot.

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