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Music, theatre and games in Cilento


In April in Campora, there’s the shoot of the ham competition, an event that originated in 1800 when a group of robbers gave rise to this competition to decide who was the best shooter. Even today we can relive this fun contest and at the end of the competition is possible to enjoy bread and ham! Since a few years the event is repeated even in August.


Between July and August in Torchiara, for over twenty years there has been the Summer Solstice. A rich event which includes several events of music, theater, gastronomy, sports competitions, dances and many other shows that are held in different parts of the town. An almost two-month program that annually turns on the summer days and nights of this beautiful village.

A’Chiena photo cometarossa

A’CHIENA Festa dell’acqua

Between July and August in Campagna, get ready for a fun and unique event of its kind. A’Chiena means “the flood” and includes water games with the buckets on Sunday during which it is allowed to wet people, and getting wet, by any person participating in the game. The event originated by the overflowing of the river Tenza that now is being diverted from its natural course on another artificial bed and floods the town. The culmination of the festival is the night of August 15th when you can walk with your feet in the water and you can take part to concerts and dances.


On the first days of August in Serre there’s the Alburni Jazz & Blues Festival. For over twenty years, this musical event has involved the audience of residents and tourists with events and free concerts during the three days of festivities. Italian and international artists will perform their compositions or will be reinterpreting the classics of jazz and blues.


Between August and September, in the Velia archaeological site there’s the Ancient Theatre Festival. What better setting to represent the classical works, then the picturesque park of Velia, with Roman and greek ruins to make the theatrical performances even more beautiful and exciting. Over the years the festival has been able to bring to the tragedy and comedy of the ancient theater even the youngest guys to whom is also dedicated the theater school of Velia.


Ancient Theatre Festival photo Michele Calocero


In August in Teggiano there is the historical representation At The Table of Princess Constance. It is a gastronomic and artistic tour in medieval style. The occasion is the marriage of Princess Costanza with Antonello Sanseverino, in 1481, today an historical costume parade goes through the town to arrive at the rich banquet with delicious dishes and desserts.


In September in Novi Velia there’s the Festival of Ancient Sounds. The festival takes place for three days and is an exciting musical event that is mostly based on ancient instruments such as accordions, guitars, bagpipes and flutes. The artists come from Campania and many southern regions where these traditions are still alive.

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