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Delicious dishes, music and culture in Cilento

During your stay in Casale Santa Rosalia situated in San Mauro in Salerno district, in the National Park of Cilento, in Campania, you can enjoy delicious dishes, music and culture in Cilento.


On the foothills of Mount Stella around San Mauro and other neighboring villages there’s the Ritual of the congregations. This ritual is linked to the processions of Holy Week and takes place on Holy Friday when every congregation begins its path stopping church to church, singing hymns and prayers. This evocative celebration has ancient origins and is kept alive by the religious brotherhoods and the devotion of the faithful.


Between July and August there is the author’s Secrets manifestation. It is a traveling festival that involves the whole territory of the Cilento and deals with art and literature, environment and science, with novels, films and exhibitions, many artists take part to it every year.


In early August in Mojo of Civitella there’s the Mojoca festival. Dedicated to street artists, this traveling festival will involve you with more than 100 artists who will perform dozens of shows in the streets and squares of this ancient village, bringing color and joy. You will see musicians, clowns and jugglers, acrobats and mimes, comedians. Fun is guaranteed for the night!

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Mojoca Festival Mojo of Civitella photo quotidianologos


Between July and August in Valtolla there’s the Onion Festival, with a rich menu of pizza with onions, fried onions, onion gratin, sauce of onions, desserts of the Zita and many other dishes. The Vatolla onion is known for its sweet and delicate flavor, high digestibility, for these reasons is perfect for many recipes suitable for everyone!


In late August in Pollica there’s the Slow Festival, Viviamocilento, of music, paths and flavors, with concerts of Italian artists, itineraries among the archaeological beauties of the area, and festivals of typical products, to enhance the excellence of Cilento.


On the first days of September in Pioppi there’s the Festival of the blue fish. Discover all the taste of the Mediterranean in this event; it will be enjoyed by lovers of fish, which is cooked in different recipes but always fresh and supplied by local fishermen. Among the most popular dishes there are fried or mint anchovies, pasta with anchovies, fried calamari and risotto, enjoy!


At the beginning of September in San Mauro Cilento there’s the festival “September with figs“. This delicious fruit is the star of the festival with various types from white fig to Trojan fig. Taste fresh, dried, coated with chocolate figs or stuffed with almonds, and other delicious specialties!


In September in Cannalonga there’s the Frecagnola festival. This event is very old and dates back to 1459 and its main dish is boiled goat with vegetables. In ancient times the festival was the occasion to trade for pastoralists, today is a showcase for many food and craft products from the area and is enriched by folk performances, exhibitions and concerts.

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