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Ancient castles and love for art of the Imperia backcountry

During your stay in the Agritourism L’Adagio located in Badalucco, in Imperia district in Liguria, you can discover ancient castles and love for art of the Imperia backcountry.


The village of Badalucco is located in the Ligurian hinterland, and is characterized by the love for art. It is considered the “painted village” for the many artists who gave birth to their works here from paintings to ceramics, as we can see by visiting the Art Gallery of Badalucco. But this idyllic village is also considered an open air art gallery thanks to the murals and sculptures found throughout the village.

Among the religious buildings there is the Church of St. Nicholas, dating back to the seventeenth century with a special structure because it was built using the walls of the castle of Ventimiglia located on the hill.


In Montalto Ligure there’s the church of St. George, located near the town center and adjacent to the cemetery, it was built in the Roman Gothic style in the eleventh century, with three naves. Despite the renovations in the centuries it kept its medieval look alive. The interior preserves beautiful frescoes painted between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, among the most interesting frescoes there’s the depiction of the apostles and St George.

Pieve San Giorgio Montalto Ligure (mapio)_opt

Church of St. George photo mapio

Montalto, located on the hill, has seen the first settlements around the year one thousand because of the escape from the coast after the Saracen invasions. However, a legend tells that the village was founded by a married couple on the run because didn’t want to obey the law of “jus primae noctis” imposed by Ventimiglia Count. Friends and relatives joined them on the hill and founded the village. For this reason Montalto Ligure is known as the romantic village.


The Regional Ethnographic and witchcraft Museum has collected numerous objects and documents about the rural life of Triora and the surrounding area, a special section is about witchcraft, with the reconstruction of a prison, the interrogation and torture phases under the laws of the Inquisition.

We can also follow the evocative path of the witches, an itinerary that takes us between the houses of the witches of the sixteenth century, women accused of witchcraft and who lived on the margins of society in houses that were far from the rest of the village.


Bussana Vecchia


Bussana Vecchia is known as the village of the artists because many artists from Italy and the rest of the world stopped here over the years. Musicians, potters, painters and sculptors gave life to a village that was almost abandoned in the sixties, and renewed it with new ideas and projects, but always respecting the materials of the original constructions.


In the village of Taggia we can visit the Convent of the Dominican friars. The building dates back to the mid-fifteenth century and is in late Gothic style. It houses many paintings that actually make it a real art gallery, among the most important works there’s The Adoration of the Magi by Parmigianino.

The remains of the Castle of Taggia are some parts of the walls, today thanks to the restoration you can walk part of them, and in the adjacent area has been built an amphitheater that hosts shows and exhibitions.

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