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Canederli, mushrooms and red wine in the recipes of Trento area

During your stay in B&B Pietra Rara, situated in Pietramurata, in Dro, in Trento district, in Trentino Alto Adige, you can taste canederli, mushrooms and red wine in the recipes of Trento area.


The canederli are a common dish in the Austrian and German cuisine. It is large meatballs with a dough made of stale bread, eggs and milk. To the basic dough you can add bacon, cheese and parsley. In some variations they use the corn polenta. This type of meatballs has poor origins, when people used the few things available in the house. The canederli are boiled in water and seasoned with butter. They are often accompanied with vegetables such as cabbage, chicory and sauerkraut. You can also taste the sweet canederli as dessert.

canederli (oggi)_opt

Canederli photo oggi

Carne salada e fasoi

The salted meat is a meat flavored dish. It’s a typical product of the Trentino that originated in the early 1700s when there was the need to preserve the meat longer. The salted meat is served as an appetizer, or is used in the preparation of many recipes. To prepare the salada meat and fasoi, that is salted meat and beans they prepare a fry of onion, beans, sage and rosemary, salt and pepper. The meat is cooked separately and seasoned with olive oil, served on the dish with freshly prepared beans.

Risotto ai funghi

The mushroom risotto is a great fall dish prepared with fresh mushrooms. They use porcini mushrooms, abundant in the forests of Trentino, to be cut into slices and fried. The rice has to be toasted and then blended with the vegetable broth and you get a simple, tasty and fragrant risotto.

polenta-e-coniglio (blog.giallozafferano)_opt

Polenta and rabbit photo blog.giallozafferano

Polenta e coniglio

Polenta and rabbit are a delicious rustic combination, a dish that was reserved for feast days when in addition to the simplicity of polenta they could also afford the meat. The rabbit is cut into pieces and fried with butter, onion and minced lard. It is mixed with white wine and cooks slowly. Add various flavorings such as bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries, pepper. It is left to cook slowly for nearly an hour and tomato is added to create a restricted sauce. The polenta is prepared separately and both the dishes are served hot.

Orzotto al teroldego

The orzotto al teroldego is a typical delicious dish of Trentino. This dish can’t be found in other parts of Italy so you will have the opportunity to taste it prepared by experienced local restaurateurs. In Trentino the barley is very common and in many traditional recipes is the substitute of rice. The teroldego is a local red wine. Prepare the fried leeks and butter, Let the barley toast and mix with teroldego wine, add the broth to cook the rice. The speck or bacon is prepared separately in the pan, when the barley is cooked, add butter and parmesan cheese, pepper and diced taleggio, then chopped bacon.

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