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Bread, focaccia and traditional desserts among the typical recipes of the province of Ragusa, in Sicily

Booking your holiday at the Kinanto Bioresort, located in Ispica, in the province of Ragusa, Sicily, you can taste delicious traditional Sicilian food.

Scacce modicane

The scacce modicane is a thin stuffed focaccia bread. The scacce can be stuffed  with many ingredients, such as tomato and onion, sausages, ricotta cheese, caciocavallo cheese, eggplants and so on. The scacce are a very ancient food and they are made with simple ingredients: wheat semolina, water, olive oil and yeast. First they prepare the dough, then they  spread over the filling and then, to form the scaccia, they fold the puff pastry from the edges, then on itself, as a book. The scacce are traditionally cooked in a wood oven at high temperatures and are one of the symbols of Sicilian street food.

Scacce Modicane,

Pane Cunzato

Pane Cunzato means seasoned bread. It is a simple recipe, typical of Sicily. At first glance it looks like a simple stuffed loaf, anyway the pane cunzato has an old origin. The poor families used to season homemade bread  with tomato, oil, salt, and a slice of primo sale cheese. The anchovies in oil give the recipe the final touch, and it seems that long ago the anchovies were only rubbed on the bread to give a little flavor. Today we can taste the Sicilian pane cunzato in many variations, for example with eggplants, olives, tuna, capers, mozzarella and many other tasty ingredients.

Cassata di Ricotta

The Cassata di Ricotta is a traditional Easter cake, originating from Modica and Ragusa. It is a kind of puff pastry baskets filled with ricotta cheese and sugar, sometimes enriched with chocolate drops or cinnamon powder. The cassata is baked in the oven until the dough is brown.  The cassatelle are a variation that come from the province of Trapani, in this case the dough is folded in a  half-moon shape to contain the delicious filling with ricotta, then is fried in oil and sprinkled with icing sugar.


The Giuggiulena, Giurgiulena or Cubbaita is a Christmas sweet typical of Sicily and Calabria. The word giuggiulena means sesame, the main ingredient of the dessert, probably inherited from the Arab tradition. The giuggiulena is basically a in sesame and honey bar, sometimes you can find candied oranges and almonds. The bars have a particularly crunchy consistency, they are cut into a diamond shape to serve after Christmas lunch.


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