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Aristocratic desserts and farmer’s recipes in Tuscan cuisine

Cialde di Montecatini

The Cialde di Montecatini  are light waffles with the typical round shape. The dough is very simple and is prepared with flour, eggs and milk, it is garnished with almond, granulated sugar  and a vanilla aroma. Moreover on the wafer is printed a coat of arms that can represent Montecatini or the name of the producing family, making these desserts look like a big coin and giving a touch of elegance and sophistication. The waffles are good on their own, or they can be served with hot chocolate, ice cream, or cream to create more delicious desserts.

Cantuccini di Prato, photo giallozafferano

Cantuccini di Prato

Cantucci, or cantuccini are the symbol of the Tuscan confectionery tradition. Their recipe is very old, but the recipe with almonds  we know today  comes from the city of Prato. Cantucci are made from a dough cutted into slices after baking and roasted in the oven one more time. In Tuscany they use to dip Cantucci in the Vin Santo or  other liqueurs. It is said that Catherine de Medici already loved these crispy biscuits, always present in the aristocratic tables.


Tuscan ribollita is a farmer’s soup. Its main ingredients are stale brad and vegetables. It is called ribollita because in poor families they use to cook it on Friday in large quantities, then it was boiled again for Sunday. At the end of cooking is seasoned with a bit of olive oil. The best stale bread to use is Tuscan bread because its texture is perfect to being eaten even in soups. The ribollita is a winter dish that offers many varieties in quantity and type of vegetables, but if you want to taste a traditional ribollita, you can must use black cabbage and beans in the recipe.

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