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All the Mediterranean flavours of Capo d’Orlando

Pasta con le sarde

Pasta with sardines is a traditional dish famous throughout Sicily. There are many variations of this recipe, and one of the most common recipes uses the wild fennel. To prepare the pasta with sardines you need clean and filleted fresh fish, fennel, anchovies, onions, raisins and pine nuts, all sautéed with olive oil, salt and pepper to form a succulent and tasty sauce! Traditionally this recipe is prepared with the bucatini or ziti and pasta is boiled in the same water in which the fennel has been boiled. Finally the pasta with sardines can be prepared in white or with the addition of tomato. Guests can taste the best variants proposed by the Sicilian restaurateurs!

Pasta with sardines photo

Arancine al nero di seppia

The Arancini or arancine, are a typical rich and tasty Sicilian dish. Known throughout Italy in the versions with mozzarella and peas, or with the meat sauce, and the less common recipe of Arancine with Cuttlefish ink. You have to taste this delicious dish, prepared with clean and washed cuttlefish, lightly fried with onions and tomatoes. An excellent risotto is prepared to which the cuttlefish ink is added and once cold the preparation of arancini can start. Round or conical in shape, depending on the area of Sicily, these tasty rice balls are fried in plenty of oil until they are crispy and golden at the right point, so they seem large oranges! You should definitely taste them hot!

Stoccafisso alla messinese

The stoccafisso alla Messinese also called pesce stocco a ghiotta or alla Messinese is a very old recipe that originated during the Norman period. The dried fish could in fact be stored for many months during navigation, but was useful also to ground populations and over time it became part of the local cuisine joining the typical ingredients of the Mediterranean. Today we can enjoy a great stockfish alla Messinese made with tomatoes, red onion, capers, olives and olive oil. You can also add potatoes and raisins depending on the variants. At the end of a slow cook you can appreciate the true taste of this ancient dish made of fish, born from the meeting of two cultures.


Swordfish rolls

Involtini di pesce spada

Another dish of delicious fish, loved in Sicily, is the swordfish rolls. This recipe originated in Catania and involves the use of thin slices of swordfish for which you prepare a stuffing with olives, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, capers, raisins, pine nuts, grated cheese. The fish slices are closed as rolls and some skewers are added to lock them , then they are sprinkled with olive oil and breadcrumbs. The dish goes in the oven until a tasty gratin forms. This second dish of fish is really tasty and is often accompanied by side dishes of baked vegetables.

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