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All the charm of Emilia Romagna

An exclusive vacation in one of our beautiful properties in Emilia Romagna, will offer the opportunity to discover and contemplate all the charm of Emilia Romagna.


Modena (once Etruscan settlement, then Gaul, and finally Roman) had been the capital city of the Este’s Duchy, besides having been an ancient university and archbishop’s seat. Today, its ancient Duchy Palace is the seat of the prestigious Army Military Academy.

Even though it is one of the most important European economic environment, Modena has successfully preserved its massive artistic, architectonic, and cultural heritage. Not for nothing, UNESCO, since 1997, has listed as World Heritage Site some of its vestiges such as Piazza Grande, the Town Tower, and the Duomo.


Modena Cathedral

The Duomo, built in Romanesque style, is dated back to the V Century, and inside it, some relics of the Patron of Modena, San Geminiano, are being preserved. Piazza Grande is located in the middle of the old town of Modena, not far from the Town Hall. The Ghirlandina Tower, which owes its name to its peculiar double-rotated balustrade, high about 86 metres, certainly is one of the symbols of Modena.


Bologna has been an important town, ruled first by the Etruscans, then by the Celtics, afterwards by the Romans, until the Middle Age. Bologna the erudite, Bologna the red, due to the colour of its roofs, Bologna the fat, due to its endless variety of delicious gastronomic products.


Podestà Palace Bologna

It is a stupendous representation of synergy between what is modern and what is typically traditional. Not for nothing, it is more than enough taking a stroll through Piazza Maggiore in order to admire an ensemble of ancient buildings and cultural melting pot. This is the true heart of Bologna, the place where you can find the famous Neptune Fountain, the Bianchi’s Palace, and the great Basilica of San Petronio, in front of which the Podestà Palace arises.

Then, it is not possible not to be astonished by the beauty of one of the main attractions offered by Bologna, like the Asinelli Tower, the Garisenda Tower, the National Art Gallery, and its famous colonnades.

Another pearl of Bologna undoubtedly is the Basilica of San Luca, not to forget the Arch-gymnasium Palace and its famous roads, like Via Indipendenza.

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