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Attractions in the District of Imperia


Apricale is a fascinating medieval hamlet, located in the District of Imperia, dating back to the Bronze Age, and inhabited, nowadays, by little more than six hundreds inhabitants.

Of particular value, there is its Lizard Castle, built during the X Century by order of the Counts of Ventimiglia, which, from a high spur, overlooks the main square, and inside which there is the wonderful elevated garden. Visitors must see also the Church of the Virgin Mary’s Purification, the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, with Fifteenth-century frescos, the Church of Sant’Antonio, dating back to the XIII Century, and the Oratory of San Bartolomeo, where it is preserved a polyptych from 1544.




Dolceacqua, located in the District of Imperia, in 2007, has been awarded by the Italian Touring Club with the orange flag.

Almost certainly, it was originally a Roman village, and today it is a wonderful example of medieval hamlet. Of particular interest, are the Parish Church from the XV Century, the Church of San Giorgio from the XI Century, in whose crypt there are both Sefano Doria’s and Giulio Doria’s tombs, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows, and the ruins of the convent belonged to the Augustinian Fathers, from the XVI Century.

The Romanesque Bridge from the XV Century had been the subject of several Claude Monet’s paintings, who, once arrived in Dolceacqua, was struck by it, as well as by the famous Dolceacqua Castle from the XIII Century.



Bussana Vecchia

Bussana Vecchia is a hilly fraction of the Municipality of Sanremo, in the District of Imperia.

The Roman hamlet, was evacuated after the massive earthquake occurred in 1887, which destroyed almost the entire town. In the second half of the past century, it has  become an appreciated touristic destination by both Italian and foreigners visitors, them all attracted by the uniqueness of the place. After restoration works, the hamlet has come back to life, so as to become a famous hamlet inhabited by artists, who come here also for its enchanting location and for its typical glimpses.

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