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Discovering Lake Bracciano

An exclusive holiday on the banks of  Lake  Bracciano in Lazio in the province of Rome, will give you the opportunity to discovering Lake Bracciano.

Trevignano Romano

The charming hamlet of Trevignano Romano, located in the province of Rome, overlooks Lake Bracciano.

The Church della Madonna Assunta in Cielo that stands in its historical center, was built in the sixteenth century and had a complete renovation in the late eighteenth century. In its inside are preserved precious artistic testimonies. In fact, you can admire works of great interest, such as the fresco of the abside. Another gem is the castle of Trevignano Romano, built in the twelfth century by Pope Innocent III and which became more powerful with the Orsini.

Lago di Bracciano

Lake Bracciano


The origins of Bracciano, located in the province of Rome, most likely date back to the tenth century. The Duomo of Santo Stefano, was certainly built around 1200 and around the seventeenth century was completely renovated, while the renovation of its facade is of the eighteenth century. Today the magnificent structure presents itself with a unique floor plan developed as a Latin cross, where there are three naves that are mutually separated by two lines of pillars, which are lit by big windows.


Castle Orsini Odescalchi Bracciano

Another beauty to visit in Bracciano is the famous Castle Orsini Odescalchi. Made around the fifteenth century, presents itself in a pentagonal shape and, in every summit, there is a tower placed. Then, its triple walls are also mighty. Built by Braccio da Montone, at the request of Pope Martin V, the castle passed to the Orsini. Today it is owned by the Odescalchi, an ancient family who took over towards the end of the seventeenth century, the lordship. It was Livio IV Odescalchi in 1952 that made the castle open to the public.

Among other things to see in this ancient hamlet of Lazio, there are also the Church of San Sebastiano, the Church della Visitazione and the Church of Santa Maria Novella, without forgetting the Town Hall and its Fountain.

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