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Theatre, chocolate and commemorations in Romagna

During your stay at Il Poggianino, situated a few minutes away from Santarcangelo di Romagna, in Emilia Romagna, you can take part to theatre, chocolate and commemorations in Romagna.


In July in Santarcangelo di Romagna there’s the SANTARCANGELO DEI TEATRI, a cultural festival. This event started in the seventies as a theater festival in the square, and it was born as a collective theater with social and political nature and has evolved over the years suggesting plays with educational value. The event has international importance and hosts many authors, writers, directors and actors from all over the world.


In July in San Marino there are THE MEDIEVAL DAYS. This historical commemoration lasts for four days, during which the streets and alleys become full of street performers, jugglers and flag-wavers. At Cava dei Balestrieri there are crossbow tournaments, knights challenges, court games.


Giornate Medioevali foto Goffredo Taddei


In August in San Marino there’s the ETNOFESTIVAL, an international music festival hosting musicians coming from all over the world. The music is the star of this festival that gives space to artists from every continent to let us listen to the sounds and songs of their countries. Modern and ancient musical instruments come together on stage, singers and troubadours offer their traditions with contemporary arrangements, the professionalism of the artists carries ancient sounds in the modern age to make us appreciate them and make them relive in a new light.


In August in Mondaino there’s the PALIO DEL DAINO. This event has been recognized by the CERS, because of the accuracy of the revival thanks to the careful study of documents that makes the Palio del Daino one of the most representative medieval events. The festival lasts for four days, during which the village is transformed into a medieval village enhancing the ancient crafts of the artisan workshops, the musicians and storytellers, jugglers and acrobats, and of course the knights who compete in tournaments to represent their district.

Palio de lo Daino

Palio del Daino foto pu24


In August in Saludecio there’s the OTTOCENTO FESTIVAL. During the four nights of the event, the village becomes full of the glories of the nineteenth century, the wonderful costumes, makeup and hairstyles, music and concerts, the theater, the whole lifestyle of that charming era. The festival takes place in the entire village, through alleys and squares, and is considered a real open-air theater that creates a dream atmosphere.


In late October in Borgomaggiore there’s the CHOCOTITANO, where chocolate is the only protagonist of the festival. Get ready for a chocolate avalanche with lots of tastings and recipes, with delicious and unusual combinations. The chocolate laboratories are very appreciated too and are perfect for those who want to try make this beloved food, which is not easy to prepare! In addition, the festival is enlivened by contests and entertainment, games and music for adults and children.

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