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Medieval games, Jazz and more in Pescara surroundings

During your stay in Villa Pardi situated in Manoppello, in Pescara district, in Abruzzo, you can take part to the Medieval games, Jazz and more in Pescara surroundings, festivals and events that are organized every year in this beautiful region.


On the 1st of May in Cocullo, there’s the celebration dedicated to San Domenico, saint patron of the village, the FESTA DEI SERPARI. Sacred and profane come together in the rituals of this day that have ancient origins dating back to the goddess Angizia. A few weeks before the festival the serpari capture snakes in the surrounding countryside to feed them and keep them in wooden boxes until the day of the festival when they will be put in the shrine of the saint during the procession. San Domenico in fact protects against toothaches, bite of reptiles and anger. At the end of the event the snakes are released in their natural environment.


In July in Pescara there’s the JAZZ FESTIVAL, an international music festival born in 1969 as the first Italian festival dedicated to Jazz music. Italian and International artists have been on the stage of Gabriele D’Annunzio arena over the years to give life to a magical atmosphere.


Giostra Cavalleresca foto tonydelmonaco


On the last weekend of July in Sulmona there’s the GIOSTRA CAVALLERESCA, an historical renaissance commemoration. Four Sestieri and three Borghi compete in this giostra in the challenge area set up with earth and sand in Piazza Maggiore. The challenge lasts for two days with 14 duels between knights who eliminate each other to reach the final and win the Palio. Every year there’s a public worldwide contest to choose who has to create the Palio which consists in a painting on canvas.


In August in Pescara there’s the CERTAME DELLA BALESTRA. This event is marked by the historical parade in costume, the Changing of the Guard, and finally the Certame. Captains and archers will compete in archery and crossbow shooting to choose the winner of the Palio.


Palio dei Sei Rioni


In August in Penne there’s the PALIO DEI SEI RIONI. This historical event has legendary origins that are about two twin sisters daughters of a prince who settled each one in a hill and their descendants began a war that was transformed in a competition by a bishop, the competition is the Palio of the six districts. The competition included the Archers challenge, the Donkeys race, the Pole of Cuccagna and the Living Chess.


In August in Spoltore there’s the SPOLTORE ENSEMBLE, a festival that includes various music events and performances staged in different areas of the town. For more than thirty years this event has attracted thousands of spectators from near villages and also tourists, with a preview in July and the real festival in August.


In August in L’Aquila there’s the PERDONANZA CELESTIANA, a religious festival coming from the 1294 papal bull of Pope Celestine V, in which the pope granted the plenary indulgence. The procession of the bull is impressive, it brings the document to the basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio where then there’s the opening of the Holy Door.

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