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Crostini alla norcina

The Croutons a la norcina belong to the history and tradition of the Umbrian cookery, a genuine and simple cookery, as well as of great quality. The Croutons a la norcina unify the Umbrian cookery excellences, in a glorification of flavours and aromas that has an unbelievable intensity.

Some simple homemade bread croutons are ennobled with truffle, the absolute protagonist of many great dishes of this beautiful region. Besides the usage of this precious product of the Umbrian territory, it is added some delicious cream based on chicken livers. A typical appetizer full and rich of savours.


Umbricelli photo by mytable blog

Spaghetti al tartufo nero

It seems incredible how this tuber, which spends its whole lifetime underground and which weight is water for more than the 80%, could be not only so expensive, but also capable to give birth to some amazing dishes, such as the Spaghetti with black truffle.

At the table, an ingredient of such aroma and flavour cannot abstain from delighting every palate. The preparation of the Spaghetti with black truffle, as well as any other kind of pasta you might choose, half of the truffle has to be cooked in some butter broth. Once it is creamy, it will be poured over the spaghetti al dente, while the other truffle half will be grated on directly on the pasta.


Simplicity and sobriety are the two main characteristics of the great Umbrian cookery. These two are also traits of the Umbricelli, a kind of pasta that recalls the spaghetti for its shape. Ancient stories tell how, once, Umbricelli were handmade on a wooden pastry board, and sold in the cities – while they were a rare food to eat in the countryside. Being a kind of egg pasta made with the use of a rolling pin, it was mainly prepared in occasion of celebrations, instead of the usual pasta, “poorer”, made with water and flour. As far as concern the seasoning, the choice is particularly wide. The best match obviously is serving Umbricelli with the classic Umbrian truffle.




Today, the Ciaramicola is considered as the most traditional Easter sweet of Perugia. It is a sweet rich of symbolism, such as its central swelling reminds of the wonderful Fontana Maggiore, or the colours of the city showed through the alchermes – red, and the meringue – white. The many tiny sugared almonds coloured in yellow, green, and azure, remind of some ripe wheat, as well as the mountain grazings, but also the waters of the Trasimeno Lake.

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