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The rustic and inimitable flavours of Tuscan cuisine

During your stay in the district of Siena, in Toscana, you can taste the rustic and inimitable flavours of Tuscan cuisine.

Pici all’aglione

The pici all’aglione are a typical pasta dish of Val di Chiana. The aglione is a variety of garlic with a delicate flavor and scent but larger than common garlic. It’s important to try this recipe in Tuscany because the aglione is very difficult to find in other regions, you can replace it with common garlic but you won’t get the same flavors! The pici are a very simple fresh pasta and look like coarse spaghetti. They are good with meat sauce, a recipe that was born in the district of Siena. The aglione is cooked in a frying pan with olive oil and white wine until it becomes a dense cream, you can flavor the dough this way or you can combine the tomato to make the sauce. An easy and tasty recipe.

Toasted bread with fegatini photo mangiarebuono

Crostini di fegatini

The toasted bread with fegatini is a very tasty appetizer made with chicken livers. It was born as a poor and recycled dish, for the poor who could only afford the chicken livers that they used to put together to create a cream, served with the bread of the previous days.To make typical Tuscan bread with livers, you need to grill the tuscan stale bread. The livers cream is prepared with chicken livers minced together with parsley, fryed in a pan with some butter. Then chopped capers and anchovies are added to the compound. Some water and flour are added and everything is mixed until you get a cream. The cream can be spread on bread and you can eat it both hot and cold, a unique and tasty rustic appetizer!


The Buglione is a sauce with a strong flavor, it was born in the Maremma Grossetana but spread largely in Central Italy. It is mainly used to flavor the game meat such as wild boar, or rabbit or lamb, in some areas is used even with snails.

Buglione photo agrodolce

The chosen meat is first cut into pieces and browned in oil and vinegar. Then is left aside and in the same pot you prepare the buglione. You have to mince chili pepper, onion and garlic, and cook them for a few minutes, then add both tomato and tomato concentrate and put the meat in the pan. A long cooking with the addition of broth gives more flavor to the meat and restricts the sauce. The dish is served hot on bruschette of grilled Tuscan bread rubbed with garlic. It is served with red wine, like the Nobile of Montepulciano.


The Ribollita is a farmer’s soup that includes a various vegetables depending on the period and availability. Among the ingredients there are beans and black cabbage. The term “ribollita” comes from the fact that the soup was prepared on Friday in large quantities and then boiled several times until Sunday. This custom has become a feature of the dish and in fact it has to be boiled at least twice to get the flavor that distinguishes it.

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