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Flowers, music and medieval rides between the districts of Siena and Perugia

During your stay in the district of Siena, in Toscana, you can take part to flowers, music and medieval rides between the districts of Siena and Perugia.


In June in Montepulciano there’s the Infioirata. The infiorata is a tradition associated with Corpus Domini when, before the procession, a flower mantle is created on the street. In Montepulciano the Infiorata is done in Piazza Sant’Agnese where dozens of groups meet to create depictions about religion or nature and spring.

In addition to petals and flowers, in Montepulciano there are also compositions made with recycled materials such as bottle caps or coffee grounds to raise awareness about the environment and waste.

In the same days, in Pienza there’s the Infiorata in the garden of Palazzo Piccolomini, with the traditional flower market. Here the flowers will be used to compose the images of the world’s sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, and for this occasion they celebrate Pienza’s admission to this list.

Infiorata, Pienza phot fabiopienza.blogspot


In July, in Chiusi there’s the Lars Rock Fest, a musical event with artists from all over the world with a Rock Punk repertoire. An opportunity to listen to good music, far from the usual radio commercials, with free open air concerts. Associated with the festival there are many typical dishes, such as ciaccia and pici and many fish dishes.


In July in Montalcino there’s another musical festival, this time combined with wine, the Jazz and Wine Festival. In the magnificent setting of the Montalcino Fortress, you can take part to jazz concerts of Italian and foreign artists and in the meantime enjoy the best wines of the region, including Brunello di Montalcino.

Saracino’s Joust, Sarteano photo letruria


On August 15 in Sarteano, the Saracino’s Joust brings us back in time with the knights who challenge on a medieval joust. Every rider runs to the Saracino, a wood puppet representing the enemy, trying to hit him without being hit in turn. There are hundreds of costumes, ladies, musicians, pats, and jugglers to recreate the atmosphere of the era.


In August in Città della Pieve, in the district of Perugia, there’s the Palio dei Terzieri. The Terzieri owe their name to the division in three parts of the territory in 1250 when the town passed under the rule of Perugia. Their symbol is an eagle representing the aristocracy in the head, the bourgeoisie in the belly, the peasants in the tail, each part is linked to their neighborhoods: Castello, Borgo Dentro and Casalino. The Terzieri challenge in the palio with an archery contest where the targets are moving silhouettes of bulls. The winner gains the prize, a beautiful artisan banner with the town coat of arms and the symbols of the three districts.

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