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The lovely hamlets of Alta Langa, in Piemont


Near the small village of Murazzano, situated in the mountain community of Alta Langa, you should visit the Safari Park of the Langhe, with routes on foot and by car, where you can admire more than 50 species of animals including lions, wolves, monkeys , kangaroos and hippopotamuses.


In the ancient village of Monesiglio, we can visit the Castle of the Counts Caldera. Built in the thirteenth century by the homonym family, the castle became a residence a few centuries later losing its defensive functions. Today, among its facilities, we can see beautiful frescoes, the armory, and the Count room.


The small village of Barolo is known worldwide for its wine production, and here you can visit to the Wine Museum WiMu to know more about this production through a multi-sensory journey that includes art, literature and history. The museum is housed in the beautiful Castle Falletti. In the cellars of the castle there is the Regional Winery of Barolo.

Falletti Castle

Falletti Castle

The Falletti Castle dates back to the tenth century and was renovated several times in the following centuries. In some of the rooms we can find the original furnitures of the Falletti family, whose family history is linked to that of the Barolo wine.

Near the town there’s the Castle of the Volta, the fourteenth century building is legendary, and it is said that even today you can hear the screams of people who died during a banquet, when the floor collapsed beneath them.


In Serralunga you can visit the Serralunga Castle, a military fortress built in the fourteenth century, very well preserved. There’s the Hall of Valvassori, with the fresco depicting Catherine of Alexandria.


In Mondovì there’s Piazza Maggiore, situated in the old town center and heart of the town. Around its elongated shape, we find the Palace of the town, the Governor’s Palace, the Cathedral of San Donato and the Church of the Mission.

In the highest part of the town there’s the Belvedere Gardens, designed at the beginning of the 900 and offering a breathtaking view that includes the Alps and the Monviso. The gardens include the Civic Tower with a clock on each side, which houses the Park of the Time.


Grinzane Castle


In Grinzane Cavour there’s the Castle, dating back to the thirteenth and fourteenth century. Count Cavour lived there for twenty years and was also the mayor of the town. The structure of the castle is rectangular and is characterized by the keep and turrets. It’s very well preserved and today includes a congress hall and is home to the World Auction of Alba white truffle.


In Vicoforte there’s the beautiful Sanctuary of the Nativity of Mary, or Sanctuary Regina Montis Regalis, a monumental construction began at the end of the sixteenth century with the beautiful dome finished in the eighteenth century. It’s a place of pilgrimage and devotion, with the episodes of the life of the Virgin until the Assumption, has paintings, sculptures, and sacred objects of inestimable value.

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