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The fine flavours of the Alta Langa, in Piemont

Fonduta con il tartufo

The truffle is the pride of cuisine in Piemonte, especially the white truffle of Alba. In this area, the fondue with truffles is a simple and subtle dish, suitable for cold winter days. A fondue is prepared with fontina cheese and milk (or butter), and egg yolk. When it is thick and creamy the fondue is ready. Serve hot in bowls and complete with white truffle into thin slices. It’s excellent served with slices of toasted bread.

Veal with tuna sauce photo foodandwine

Vitello Tonnato

The veal with tuna sauce is a traditional dish in Piemonte, in particular in the towns of Alba and Cuneo. To find its origins we must go back to the mid-eighteenth century. The veal with tuna sauce or “Vitel Tonè” is served as a starter and has several variants. The traditional preparation requires veal, eggs, capers, tuna, white wine and spices. The meat macerated in white wine is left to boil with the spices, to form a fragrant broth. The broth is then blended with the other ingredients to create a sauce to pour over the meat. In newer versions iyou can use mayonnaise to replace the eggs and makes the dish even more tasty and delicious!

Acciughe al verde

The anchovies in green are a typical appetizer of Piemonte. Historically, salted anchovies arrived in Piemonte from France along with loads of salt. To prepare this tasty dish, salted anchovies are washed and cleaned. The secret of the recipe is the “Bagnet”, a green sauce that is made with parsley, garlic, olive oil, breadcrumbs and pepper. The green sauce completely covers the anchovies, and the dish has to rest for a day before being served. Anchovies in green, accompanied with bread are a really delicious appetizer!

patatevitellotteinsalatabaccala (lasignoradeifornelli)_opt

Stockfish with Vitelotte photo lasignoradeifornelli

Baccalà con le vitelotte

The Stockfish with Vitelotte is a tasty salad with Stockfish, tomatoes, herbs and olive oil and vitelotte potatoes. The stockfish has to be soaked several hours before the preparation. The vitelotte are a type of ancient potatoes that come from France and have a distinctive purple pulp, even the smell and the taste are different compared to common potato. Another recipe of the stockfish involves the fried stockfish, potatoes, peppers, and onions, everything is passed in a pan with white wine and is cooked in low heat. In this case you can use the common potato or vitelotte.

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