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Wine Museums, the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the beautiful Castles in Piedmont.

Staying at the Relais Montemarino, located in Borgomale, in the province of Cuneo, in the Langhe in Piedmont, means discover a territory full of castles and gastronomic traditions.


In the town of Barolo you can visit the charming Castello Falletti, built in the Middle Ages and located on a hill overlooking the Bassa Langa and the countryside. Inside you will enjoy the rooms named as Quattro Stagioni, Sala degli Stemmi, and Sala della Marchesa.

The castle has been enlarged and restored over the centuries and today hosts the WIMU Wine Museum. The Museum, founded in 2010, aims to show the history and the work of grape processing, is organised on a tour that leads the visitor in a journey among tools, flavours and perfumes.

A few steps away from the castle, you will find the Museo dei Cavatappi (Corkscrew Museum), which offers a selection of over 600 specimens of corkscrew made from 1600. Throughout the town of Barolo there are several wine cellars where you can taste the best wines produced in the area.

Castello Falletti


At Barbaresco you can not miss the Tower, with its 36 meters is one of the largest in Piedmont. Built as a watchtower during the Saracen invasions around the year 1000, today it offers a breathtaking view of the Tanaro and the Langhe. You can reach the top thanks to a glass elevator and enter the rooftop terrace in a few minutes.


The Museo della Donna Selvatica (wild woman museum) is inspired by the Langhe women’s figure representing a free and wild nature. This figure was associated with grappa, thanks to a local distillery. The Levi Serafino distillery was founded in 1925 and still produces grappa with traditional methods and with many of the instruments already present at the opening. The museum, together with the distillery, offers the visitor a view of the production of grappa and the deep connection with the history and the soul of this land.



At Grinzane Cavour you can visit the Castle. Built in the 14th century, it is made up of a central fort and massive walls. It is very well preserved and is used for events and exhibitions.

The castle is home to the Ethnographic Museum which includes the reconstruction of home environments such as kitchens and distilleries, made with old tools, photographs and documents. A section is dedicated to Camillo Benso Count of Cavour, who was mayor of the city and lived in the castle until 1849. There are still his furniture and belongings, and the visits are led by an actor who interprets the Count himself to make this experience even more impressive and unforgettable.
In addition, the Castle of Grinzane Cavour is home to the World White Truffle Auction, which takes place every year in November.

Grinzane Cavour Castle


At Pollenzo, the University of Gastronomic Sciences, founded in 2004, is an internationally renowned university with lectures and master classes in English. Half of the students come from different countries around the world, and study paths are based on gastronomy, agrarian, sustainability, bio-diversity, and on the management of the wine and tourism heritage.
The University is located in the beautiful Castello di Pollenzo. In the cellars of the Castle you can find the Bank of Wine which houses a selection of the best Italian wines.

Tower and Church of Pollenzo

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