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Historical commemorations in the Enna district, in Sicily


On March 19, St. Joseph’s day, in Leonforte and Valguarnera, there are every year the tables of St. Joseph. This ancient tradition invites the “saints” to lunch, poor people who can not afford a meal and for the day of St. Joseph are greeted at the table by generous hosts. Even today, those who organize the tables in their own home, also called “altars”, are ready to welcome anyone who is present, and offer them the best of typical dishes including breads, pastries, omelettes, wines and drinks. There are many tourists attracted by this wonderful initiative, which hasn’t lost over the years its religious and convivial character.


On the Good Friday in Pietraperzia, in Enna district, every year there’s the procession called U Signuri di li Fasci. This procession is very characteristic, with a crucifix over 8 meters high which is supported by 80 porters. At the base of the crucifix there are more than 200 linen bands, each one is about 30 meters long and is knotted in the center to create two ends about 15 meters long.The holders of each of the bands keep them in their hands during the procession, creating a fascinating and unique show!

Holy Week Enna

Holy Week Enna


The Holy Week in Enna has ancient origins linked back to the Spanish period. Many brotherhoods organize the procession and their hooded costumes have characteristic colors and patterns. The oldest brotherhood dates back to the end of 1200 and together with the others born in the following centuries helps to keep the tradition of Holy Week over time. The procession on Good Friday is impressive. The Holy Week in Enna is listed as a UNESCO world heritage.


In May in Enna there’s the Federiciana week, a historic event that recalls “the arrival of Federico II Castrogiovanni”, the emperor in fact stopped at Enna, whose name was then Castrogiovanni, with his army . Today they want to bring back to life the XVI century period with a beautiful costume parade formed by hundreds of people. For the occasion, they also organize tastings of typical products and many shows such as the Tournament of the Archers and the Palio of the Districts.

Palio dei Normanni photo distrettodeadimorgantina

Palio dei Normanni photo distrettodeadimorgantina


In August in Piazza Armerina there’s the historic called Palio dei normanni. This festival was linked to the celebration of Holy Mary of Victories. During the fourteenth century, in fact, the Normans won against the Saracens after long battles and thanks to the intercession of the Madonna. This competition is considered one of the most important in southern Italy and attracts more than 600 people in period costume. The Palio is held during three days of festivities that culminate with Quintanta del Saraceno race, during which the riders face 4 competitions on horseback armed of spear and shield.


On the first week of September in Calascibetta there’s the Festival of Madonna of Good Rest. The Shrine of the Madonna of Good Rest was founded when the miners found a rock with the appearance of the Madonna. They decided to take her to the village, but the rock suddenly became heavy and it was impossible to carry it. At that point they built the sanctuary, a place of pilgrimage and devotion.

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