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Sea dishes and much more in the Conero National Park

A relaxing stay at Relais Valcastagno situated in Sirolo in the Conero Regional Park in Marches, will give you the possibility to taste sea dishes and much more in the Conero National Park.

Brodetto di pesce 

The Brodetto di pesce marchigiano is a rich and tasty marine dish. It includes various kinds of fish and seafood such as mackerel, mullet, cuttlefish, mussels, clams, shrimp, redfish. Everything is flavored with onion, red pepper, pepper, unripe chopped tomato, salt and pepper, vinegar and olive oil. The brodetto can be more or less restricted, depending on the preferences and it has a typical pink color. This marine second dish has many variations, for example in some areas in Marche fish is floured and then cooked, in other areas the saffron replaces vinegar to have a softer flavor. The only thing sure is that you can enjoy the best fish quality from the Adriatic sea in just one dish.

brodetto di pesce foto racconti di marche

Brodetto di pesce foto racconti di marche


The Bombarelli is a dish made with a kind of shellfish also called sea snail. This dish has its origins in Ancona and was traditionally prepared on the 1st of May. It is prepared with wild fennel, rosemary, garlic, olive oil from Sirolo, dry white wine and tomato sauce. It’s baked for a long time to create a tasty sauce that goes perfectly with the bombardelli flavor.

Coniglio in porchetta

The roasted rabbit is a typical Marche dish and it is a tasty stuffed rabbit. First of all you have to cook the filling and to prepare it you can use a mixture of ground fat lean, wild fennel, garlic, pork rind, rabbit’s liver and intestines, salt and pepper. In other versions there are also salami, bacon and ham. The stuffed rabbit is then baked in the oven and blended with some white wine, it absorbs the flavors of the filling and remains soft and delicious! The filling is sliced and the rabbit is cut into pieces, the dish is served hot.


Coniglio in porchetta foto racconti di marche


The Sciughetti or sughetti marchigiani is a typical dessert from Ancona. It is a sweet polenta prepared with the wort that gives it its red color. It’s a poor peasant dish linked with the harvest, it is even sweeter if the wort is made with the strawberry raisin as the tradition says. The cooled wort is then boiled with sugar and corn flour, which become solid once cooled, almost gelatinous. In some versions, when cooking is almost finished, walnuts and almonds are added in pieces to give the cake a delicious crunchy texture. This dessert can be served in tiny bowls, or to respect the traditional way, you can lie the polenta on a surface and cut it in stripes.

Dolce della Contesa

The Dolce della Contesa is originally from Offagna and is a cake made of puff pastry.  It is traditionally served with the Moretum, a wine made with blackberries and honey. This dessert has an ancient medieval origin and today it’s still proposed, especially in summer during the historical festivals of the region.

Marche are waiting for you to come to offer their unique food specialties!

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