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The roots of History in the ancient ruins of Enna and surroundings


Morgantina is an ancient Greek town of which we find the ruins in the archaeological site with the same name, near the town of Aidone. Among the findings we can see entire neighborhoods, theater, sanctuaries, the market. Tons of items are on display at the Archaeological Museum of Aidone, including the Goddess of Morgantina, a marble statue of Venus.


Near Piazza Armerina we can visit the Villa del Casale, an ancient Roman villa dating back to the III-IV century. The villa is characterized by the entrance with three arches, rooms with mosaics, a thermal complex, and the courtyard with columns and the remains of a fountain. Among the most beautiful mosaics there are those located in the “corridor of the great hunt”, a series of vivid images that represent the capture of animals used to play in the Roman amphitheaters.

Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina


The town of Enna is also called the belvedere of Sicily for the view it offers due to its location on a hill. It’s of the highest districts of Italy.

The beautiful Cathedral of Enna is a national monument. Its structure has three naves with many works of art and precious decorations, such as the stucco of the central chapel, the coffered ceiling, the walnut wooden choir carved with biblical figures and episodes, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the Catalan Gothic style .


Castello di Lombardia

The Castello di Lombardia dates back to the Norman period, built on a previous Byzantine building. We can see the Pisana Tower, one of the original 20 towers, and we can enjoy a breathtaking view up to Etna.

The Tower of Federico II, built by the emperor, had a military function and today still offers an exceptional view from its location on the hill. Its structure is inspired by the Temple of Jerusalem.

The Rock of Ceres is a geopark between different municipalities, including Enna, Piazza Armerina and Calascibetta. Is in the UNESCO list and includes natural areas of great geological interest along with mines dating back to different historical periods.


Byzantine village Canalotto


The Byzantine village of Vallone Canalotto is a rocky center set in sandstone rock. The site is has a central core and other surrounding environments. The remains reveal both a civil and religion use of the place, in particular the two churches with side niches used for the urns. Other environments testify an everyday use linked to agricultural work and livestock.


Near the village of Calascibetta, there’s the Necropolis of Realmese. It is an archaeological site which includes 288 tombs dating back to the ninth and the sixth centuries BC. The tombs are carved into the calcareous rock and are very important testimony of the proto-historic period. Dating back to a later period there are the “Regie trazzere”, ancient roads that connected the Sicilian territories for kilometers, and even through the necropolis. Probably built in Norman times.

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