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Pasta first courses and delicious meats in the Emilia Romagna cuisine

Passatelli in brodo

The Passatelli in brodo is a first pasta dish typical of Romagna. They are a traditional dish for holidays such as Easter or family events. They are prepared with a mixture of grated bread, eggs and parmesan cheese and have a rough texture. In order to obtain the typical long shape, they use a special iron that looks like a potato masher, which gives the shape of the dough to be thrown directly into the boiling soup. The typical soup for this recipe is prepared with hen meat, beef and vegetables, but the Passatelli is very good with the fish broth.

Passatelli in brodo,

Cappelletti ai formaggi

The cappelletti ai formaggi (cheese cappelletti) is another pasta dish symbol of Romagna, also these are mainly cooked in broth and in the past were the main dish of Christmas lunch. The cheese cappelletti are prepared with a tasty filling of ricotta, squacquerone, stracchino, parmesan, eggs.
The cappelletti ai formaggi can also be served with the ragù alla Bolognese, another typical recipe of Emilia Romagna.

Radicchio e bruciatini

Il radicchio e bruciatini, in local dialect “radéch cun i brusad”, is a second dish of poor origin. I bruciatini are slices of bacon or lard cooked in a pan with balsamic vinegar. The radicchio (red cicory) may be fried in a pan or used raw. The whole thing is mixed in a very tasty dish. The traditional recipe requires wild cicory with a bitterest and most decisive flavor.

Radicchio e bruciatini,

Grilled meat and meat dishes

Grilled meat is another of Emilia Romagna specialties. In addition to the classic veal and sausages, you can try the spit roasted pigeon, a recipe of Renaissance origin, which includes both wild and domestic pigeon. Another delicious meat is the rabbit, cooked in pieces with potatoes and sage, even this wild or domestic. In Emilia Romagna you can also taste the Cotoletta alla Bolognese, made from veal thigh and prepared according to a recipe of the seventeenth century. Slices of calf are alternated with raw ham and cheese, breaded and fried, in a preparation approaching the French cordon bleu.

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