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Monferrato among Palio truffles and other celebrations

When you stay at La Canonica di Corteranzo, located in Piedmont, in Monferrato in the province of Alessandria, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Monferrato among Palio truffles and other celebrations.

Riso e rose in Monferrato

For lovers of discovery, Riso e rose in Monferrato (Rice and Roses in Monferrato) is an unmissable event prepared by the Consorzio Mondo, in which most of the municipalities of the Monferrato Casalese as well as the ones of the Valenzano and the ones of the nearby plain participate, without forgetting of course the large legion of private contributors.

The event takes place in the three weekends of May and sees 29 activities, which all have as a common denominator the discovery of the wonderful land through art exhibitions, small markets, historical reinterpretations, and, of course, food.

This initiative proves to be a real kermesse, in the heart of the Monferrato Casalese among gastronomy, culture, landscape and numerous destinations in this unique territory.

There is a successful marriage between rice and rose in the lush land of Monferrato, where this seemingly unusual and sweetly delicate combination is celebrated in great style. The event marks the official start of summer tourism and lets you discover an area rich in fascinating places, legendary testimonies from the past, not only by walking through the casalesi, but also by looking for new stimuli between gastronomy and culture.

Riso & Rose

Riso & Rose

Casale Città Aperta Mercatino Antiquariato

Organized by the Commune’s department of Culture of Casale Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria and by the Civic Museum, which allows free visits to churches and monuments to citizens, Casale Città Aperta (Casale Open Town) is a traditional event that takes place in contemporary with the antiques small market.

Palio di Asti     

The Palio di Asti, or as it is to be called from its historical nomenclature, Palio Astese, is a traditional festival of Asti, with medieval roots, built on the occasion of the patron celebrations of San Secondo that reaches its climax with the horse race mounted without saddle.

It is from the twelfth century that the feast dedicated to the patron has uninterruptedly been held, while news about the race are dating back to the thirteenth century and were reported by Guglielmo Ventura, reporter of that time. Today the exhibition takes place in the central Piazza Alfieri.


Palio di Asti foto impressionidiviaggio

Fiera del Tartufo

The Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo (National Truffle Fair) of Murisengo originated in 1967, but has its roots in the agricultural trade tradition of 1530 with the fair of San Martino. The National Truffle Fair in Murisengo, in the province of Alessandria, represents a special opportunity to taste the peasant flavors of a land where, tradition is still a sincere consuetude.

Fiera del Bue Grasso 

An exclusive holiday at La Canonica di Corteranzo, located in Piedmont, in Murisengo in the province of Alessandria will give you the possibility to participate in the Fiera del Bue Grasso (Fat Ox Fair) which usually starts the second week of December in Moncalvo, in the province of Asti.

It is a really ancient fair dedicated to the precious cattle fassone of Piedmontese breed. The traditional event also promotes local products and winds through days reserved to history, culture, music entertainment, contests and food and wine.

In the exclusive setting of the Monferrato hills and the glorious scenery of the historical village of immersed Moncalvo, the cattle are exposed by their breeders. Afterwards the award ceremony occurs. An occasion to taste the typical food and wine of the area, admire the monuments, wander among the numerous stalls, while waiting to taste the excellence of the boiled while sipping the fine wine of Piedmont.

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Canonica di Corteranzo

Via Recinto 15 – Frazione Corteranzo, Murisengo (AL)
La Canonica di Corteranzo is located in Piedmont, within the district of Alessandria. It is about five minutes by ...
La Canonica di Corteranzo is located in Piedmont, within the district of Alessandria. It is about five minutes by ...
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