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Medieval festivals and reenactments, comics and unicorns, history and fantasy among the Tuscan festivals

Booking your holiday at Borgo San Giusto, located in Empoli in the province of Florence, Tuscany, you can attend to the traditional festivals and feasts of this beautiful region.


In April, in the city center of Empoli takes place one of the most anticipated events of the year: the convention on board games, collectible cards and role-playing cards. Two days full of events, exhibitions and shows that will bring visitors of all ages into the world of comics, cosplay and the world of fantasy.


The artichoke is the main subject of one of the most characteristic festivals of Empoli: the Artichoke Festival. Every year, in May, the festival attracts more and more fans of the vegetable that can be cooked in various recipes, from the most classic to the most creative. As a background for the event, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni will host markets, exhibitions, shows and music.


This particular feast of Empoli has ancient origins. Already in 1340 in Piazza della Farinata a donkey was brought on the bell tower and made to go down with a rope on the square full of people up to the loggia of the Ghibellino Palace. The event is renewed every year in June during Corpus Domini and attracts several visitors.

Donkey’s Flight,


In July, in Vinci in the heart of Tuscany there is a particularly awaited event: the Cecco Santi’s flight. The event includes several appointments including the historical parade with the reenactment of the most important moments in the life of Cecco, who betrayed his army for the love of a woman and was sentenced to death. The flight is the representation of the fall from the tower of the Castle of the Counts Guidi, which is celebrated with a fireworks display.


Since 2005, the historic center of Vinci dresses up to host one of the most characteristic and engaging fantasy events in Tuscany: the Unicorn Festival. During the event, an invasion of elves, magical creatures and fairies will make the city an enchanted place to visit with the family. During three days, an agenda full of appointments, contests, cosplay and much more will cheer the visitors. The center will be divided into thematic areas that will host events, street arts, entertainment and workshops that will enrich the fantasy festival.


In July, in Cerreto Guidi, takes place one of the most important food and wine events in Tuscany: the Duck and Boar festival. In ancient times the festival was dedicated only to the duck that was cooked by the housewife to feed the farmers who came back from the fields after the harvest of wheat. Only later was introduced the wild boar for the increasing presence of hunters in the surrounding countryside and in Montalbano. Lovers of good food can taste typical local dishes accompanied by good wine from Cerreto.


The last three weekends of November San Miniato hosts an unmissable food and wine event for fans and admirers: the White Truffle Festival. Lovers of good food will taste the precious tuber cooked in the most varied ways, accompanying this delicacy with the wine of the winemakers of San Miniato.

White Truffle Festival,

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Borgo San Giusto is located a few minutes from Empoli, in the province of Florence. Surrounded by the beautiful cou...
Borgo San Giusto is located a few minutes from Empoli, in the province of Florence. Surrounded by the beautiful cou...
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