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Medieval festivals, folklore and much more

A sojourn in one of our beautiful properties in Emilia Romagna, will let you discover medieval festivals, folklore and much more. 


The Artusiana Festival, since 1997, takes place every year for nine straight days, starting from the last Saturday of June. In these days, streets are renamed, and squares and alleys become real gastronomic itineraries. The Artusiana Festival, which also celebrates Artusi, a highly knowledgeable reporter in matter of cookery traditions, is a tasty journey through the cooking of the past to understand the current one.


At the city stadium of Faenza, the Bruno Neri, the traditional Palio of the Nibalo takes place, one of the most ancient and famous medieval carousel. The Palio of the Nibalo, which starts on the fourth Sunday of June, includes the participation of some knights representing the five historical wards of Faenza.

The challenge consist of a race at full gallop at end of which the knight has to hit, with his spear, an eight-centimetre-diameter target, placed at the end of the arms of the Nibalo. The Palio of the Nibalo is foreran by an historic parade, which more than four hundreds walkers-on participate to, representing both the five historical wards and the Municipal Group, which represents the sixth entity and which encloses all the roles that oversee the regular execution of the challenge.


Palio Del Nibalo


The hamlet of Brisighella is named after its ancient medieval Stronghold. During the Medieval Feasts, artisans, soldiers, and nobles, wearing their costumes, make those ancient feelings and emotions revive, putting on a late-middle age military camp, right outside the walls of the Stronghold.

The Medieval Feasts are also an interesting exhibition of medieval weapons, and a cheerful market that brings back to life ancient professions and crafts, as well as visitors are made happy by storytellers and jesters. Of particular interest, are the clashes in arms and the duels staged by the best companies specialised in re-enactment, which always raise thrill and amusement. In the evening, there is the grand finale, with dances around the bonfire, live Celtic music, and fireworks.


The International Folk Festival is an important event of gathering between different cultures and different people. It is scheduled among the summer events of many municipalities of Romagna, and it has been created 21 years ago by the Group of the Singings of Romagna, from the “City of Russi”. Despite of the presence of many other towns, such as Riolo Terme, Conselice, Alfonsine, Bagnacavallo, and Comacchio, Russi still remains the focus of these 8 days of unique events, surrounded by colours and cheerfulness of sounds and costumes, consecrated to the brotherhood among people.


The Fair was born during the XVII Century as religious feast, to honor the Madonna Addolorata depicted, in the popular iconography, with its heart stabbed by seven swords, each of them represented the life pains of the Virgin. Throughout the centuries, the popular aspect has emphasised, still respecting the tradition.

The old town of the city, on the third Sunday of September, animates itself with cultural events, artisanship stalls, ground products and foods, giving prominence to the excellency-level production of the area.


The FEAST OF SANT MICHELE is the autumnal feast of Bagnacavallo, which takes place every year, in September, and it can boast its ancient origins: the first papers where the city is quoted are dated back to 1202. For centuries the main event has been the Barbaries horse race, where three or four fast horses were committed to go through a fixed distance, in the shorter time possible. Nowadays, the streets, the squares, and the most beautiful glimpses are the feast’s stages, which host concerts, shows, sacred music, and art exhibitions. Do not forget the Cake of San Michele, typical sweet that is made just for this event. 

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