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Medieval competitions and historical commemorations in Arezzo area

During your stay Arezzo, in Tuscany,  you can take part to medieval competitions and historical commemorations in Arezzo area.


In February in Castiglion Fibocchi there’s the Carnival of the sons of Bocco. Hundreds of masks invade the streets of the town in honor of Bocco, the lord of the town in medieval times. This festival was organized by the inhabitants of the town to honor their lord and has been revived with great participation form more than 15 years.


In May in Lucignano every year there’s the Maggiolata. This event aims to celebrate the arrival of spring just as the farmers did ancient times trying to wish good luck for the coming harvest. Today the village celebrates with more than one hundred floats covered with flowers.

carenvale dei figli (carnevaledeifiglidibocco)_opt

Carnival of the sons of Bocco photo


In June in Arezzo there is the Giostra del Saracino. This re-enactment is inspired by the medieval competitions and requires skilled riders to hit a silhouette with a spear. The competition is very fierce, and each rider tries to give his best to impress his lady. Hitting the silhouette is not as simple as it may seem because thanks to a machine it turns and hits the back of the knight who is not fast enough and in his race.


In June in Cortona there’s the Archidado, a medieval festival that consists of various events including competitions of archers and the offering of candles. The Archidado is a target in the shape of a nut made of wood. The target consists of several areas that can give or take away points or even exclude competitors.


Giostra del Saracino


In July in Foiano della Chiana there’s the historical reenactment of the Battle of Scannagallo of 1554. The battle engaged the Sienese army, supported by the French, against the Florentine army, supported by the Spanish. Florence won by causing the decline of the Republic of Siena. Today we can relive this event thanks to the reconstruction realized following historical documents, paintings, material from museums including clothes, armor and weapons. The whole battle is reconstructed with the respective armies. There’s also a parade in costume and there are flag bearers and many other figures of that period, from the artisans to jesters.


In July in Arezzo there’s the International Folklore Festival. Many free performances of music and dance related to the Tuscan tradition and with many international guests from around the world from Russia to Latin America, from Africa to Europe. Not only exhibitions but also moments of mutual exchange, understanding how each music and popular tradition is contaminated and influenced by multiple factors, multiple cultures and inseparable historical moments.


In September in Arezzo there’s the Palio della Balestra. During the race the crossbowmen, divided in two groups eugubini and pierfrancescani, will compete for the coveted Palio, a painting on fabric made every year by a different artist.

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