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From small town festivals to opera, the most beautiful events between Emilia Romagna and Marche

In Emilia Romagna, you can take part in the festivals and historical reenactments organized every year in this area.


In April, in Cattolica, you can join the Flowers Festival. It is a great opportunity to welcome the spring with a colorful international exhibition dedicated to flowers and ornamental plants. The stands will be placed in the streets of the center and will transform the city into a huge fragrant garden. For garden lovers, there will also be plenty of useful tools and gadgets, as well as advices on plant care, preparation of ornamental creations for the home or outdoors.


In June, in Rimini, you can take part in the events of Al Meni. It is a market show of agricultural and handicraft products. The exhibition enhances everything that is hand made with traditional methods. A big area will be given to food with famous Chef among guests, and there will be practical acts of solidarity to give food to those most in need with a will of limiting waste. Moreover there will be plenty of artisan stalls, from traditional productions to the latest innovative projects.

Al Meni,


In April, at Cerreto di Saludecio, takes place the Carnival of Cerreto. The celebration is arranged at the Castle of Cerreto, and as tradition demands this carnival is actually celebrated during Lent. The purpose of the carnival is to “burn the winter” to welcome spring, the event comes from peasant traditions when they used to make a good wish for the harvest.


In June, in San Giovanni in Marignano, you can join the Night of the Witches. The event takes place on the occasion of the celebration for Sait John and the summer solstice, days in which pagan and Christian celebrations has been overlapping for many centuries. During that night you will be able to meet witches doing spells, cheer street artists and fire eaters, participate in dances and many other rituals, including a spectacular fire.


In July, at Saludecio, takes place Black Night Theater. The festival lasts two days and is dedicated to the Noir theater. The theatrical representations will take place between the suggestive setting of the Castle of Meleto and the most interesting corners of the medieval village.


In August, in Urbino, you can attend the Duke’s Feast. There will be three days full of events with theater performances, music reviews, archery challenges, duels with historical firearms, fencing, comedy shows, puppets, junkies, market exhibitions and labs. The feast takes place in honor of Duke Federico de Montefeltro, a patron who funded many artistic and cultural works.

Duke’s Feast,


In August at Pesaro, takes place Rossini Opera Festival. Between the auditorium Pedrotti and the Rossini Theater you can attend various classical music concerts. The festival was born in 1980 and is linked to the Foundation of the same name that deals with studies and research on Rossini’s work.


In August, in Mondaino, takes place the Palio del Daino. At the thirtieth edition, the Palio recalls the events of 1459 when Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and Federico da Montefeltro signed the peace that put an end to the war between their respective reign. For the celebraione there will be medieval parades in costume, banquets, markets and music.

Palio del Daino,

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