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Film festivals and Christmas representations in the Aeolian Islands, Sicily

During a holiday at Hotel Mamma Santina, located in Santa Marina Salina, in the Aeolian Islands, in the province of Messina, Sicily, you can attend to film festivals and Christmas representations in the Aeolian Islands, Sicily.


In May in Salina Island, you can follow Salina Island Slow. The Food Community of Salina has been organizing the festival for 14 years to introduce the products of its territory, such as capers. The whole event focuses on the concept of Slow Food and km zero to favor typical local products always obtained through traditional methods very different from rhythms and industrial processes. The Community promotes a kind of tourism that they call “Ecogastronomic”, because they think food production can not be disconnected from the land and the natural landscapes that need to be exploited but protected at the same time.


In June, in the island of Salina, in Pollara, begins the Caper Festival, dedicated to one of the island’s main food products. The caper variety on the island is Tondina or Nocellara, which harvesting begins in May to continue throughout the summer. Capers are usually stored in salt, vinegar or oil and are used in many recipes, such as tomato sauce, “caponata” or fish recipes.


In June in Salina Island takes place Salina Doc Fest, a narrative documentary festival. For over ten years, the festival has been welcoming works by Italian and worldwide filmmakers who tell real life stories  from around the world. Since the beginning, the festival hosted 12 participating countries and over a thousand movies. The international competition is joined by projections and film presentations in non-competitive sections. There are awards for the best movie chosen by the jury and  by the audience. During the days of the festival, you can attend also interesting seminars and debates on cinema, distribution, laws, regulations and other key topics for directors, producers, and other employed in the industry.

Marefestival – Troisi Award, photo marefestivalsalina


In July, between the Salina Island, Milazzo and Messina, takes place Marefestival – Troisi Award. This is a film festival dedicated to Massimo Troisi who filmed his own masterpiece “Il Postino” in Salina Island. The festival features movie projections, short films and documentaries, as well as concerts, exhibitions and fashion shows. The prizes awarded to the films are the Troisi Award, the Marefestival Salina, and the Silver Award. In 2017 Marefestival takes place for the sixth edition and it is already a public and critical success.


From December to January in Leni, in Salina Island, is represented the Living Crib. Each year, a charming corner of the territory is chosen to set up the performance and to offer each time a different show. From the first living crib twenty years ago the inhabitants have always been enthusiastically attending a crib with the traditional scene of the Nativity and with many other representations of activities and ancient crafts typical of the territory.

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