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Syracuse festivals between folklore and historical shows

Visiting Syracuse and staying at the Residenze dello Scirocco, charming apartments that are located on the island of Ortigia, or at Casa Delo, you can participate in Syracuse festivals between folklore and historical shows.

Lucia di Maggio

In Syracuse the celebrations held in May in honour of Saint Lucy are very important. This festival better known as Santa Lucia re quagghie, a dialect term that indicates the doves, takes place on the first two Sundays of May in memory of the miracle that occurred in 1646 when Syracuse was experiencing a severe famine that ended thanks to the providential arrival of some ships full of wheat and other food whose arrival was announced by a dove that entered the Duomo. The festivities include a solemn procession with the simulacrum of the patron saint along a path that ends at the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia where the traditional throwing of quails takes place.

Cycle of classical performances in Greek theatre, photo by canale8news

Cycle of classical performances in Greek theatre

Every year at the Greek theater of Syracuse in May starts a rich theatrical season with the representation not only of classical performances such as works of ancient writers but also concerts and performances by famous people for a two-month full of exhibits within a picturesque place.

Music festival

Also in Syracuse in June is held the traditional music festival, an international event through which music is celebrated involving various world-famous artists who perform in different areas of Ortigia like: Largo XXV luglio (Piazza Pancali), Piazza Archimede, Via dei Mergulensi, Piazzetta Cavalieri di Malta (Via Gargallo), Chiesa dell’Immacolata (Piazzetta Corpaci), Piazza San Filippo (Via della Giudecca), Via Logoteta (Giudecca). This festival is held every year on June 21 in the concomitance of the summer solstice.

“La notte di Giufà” Festival

In Noto every year in July the night of Giufà takes place, an international festival of music, knowledge and traditions of the world. Started in 1995, this festival takes its name from Giufà, a literary character of the Sicilian oral popular tradition, symbol of wisdom and madness; a man with strong contrasts who, however, create a bridge between different countries and cultures. The event includes moments of music and shows interspersed with debates on current topics.

Buccheri MedFest

Visiting Buccheri you will have the opportunity to participate in the MedFest of Buccheri, a medieval festival where artists from all over the world will draw you in the Middle Ages with of performances of flag flyers, jugglers and dancers with tastings of dishes and sweets typical of the Middle Ages.

Saint Lucy’s Feast Day

Saint Lucy’s Feast Day

The festivities in honor of Saint Lucy in Syracuse are numerous, in particular on December 13 is remembered the martyrdom of the patron saint under Diocletian.

A long ritual precedes the true celebrations of the duration of 13 days, during which the niche that contains the simulacrum of the Saint is opened in the Cathedral and then on 12 December it is placed in a sumptuous chapel called cameretta and the following day escorted by 69 men who wear green caps, it is carried in procession throughout the city, up to the church of Santa Lucia al Sepolcro.

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