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Between music, cinema, literature and chocolate, in Turin, in Piedmont


In March, in Turin, if you love sweets you can not miss CioccolaTò. In Piazza San Carlo you  will attend workshops, tastings and prizes awarded to the best chocolate and pastry makers. You will find chocolate in all tastes and all forms to satisfy even the most demanding palates, from the famous Piedmontese janduiotti with a traditional taste to the most modern and sought after combinations.

CioccolaTò, Turin photo cioccola-to


In May at Venaria Reale takes place the Rose Festival. Among the ancient village of Venaria and the gardens of the beautiful Reggia you will admire roses of all types, from the most common to the rarest and delicate. A wide range of colors and scents to celebrate one of the most beloved flowers, roses will also be used to make beautiful decorations, create aromas, perfumes and soaps.


In May, Turin welcomes book lovers with the International Book Salon, an unmissable appointment born thirty years ago. Every year there are many authors from Italy and over the world, accompanied by concerts, readings and performances. The event takes place at Lingotto.


In May, in Rivoli, takes place the Artisan Exhibition Artist wood chips (Trucioli d’Artista). You will see many competitors involved during three days. Artisans are asked to create a sculpture from a wooden log. Visitors will be able to enjoy their meticulous work among the squares and the streets of the historic centre where they will also see many other craft exhibitions.

Salon Gourmet, Turin photo Alessandro Vargiu


In September, in Turin, there is the Salon Gourmet (Salone del Gusto). Dedicated entirely to Slow Food and International Food Excellence, since 2016 it  takes place outdoors, involving the streets of the city. Attention has always been focused on the sustainability of food production and ecological choices to safeguard the Earth.


In September, in Turin, there is September Music, a festival dedicated to classical music  born in 1978. The intent has always been to involve a wide audience to the classical music. In 2007 was born a cooperation with the city of Milan, giving rise to MITO, which has contributed to an opening to pop and rock music.

Artissima, Turin photo


In November, in Turin, there is Artissima, the International Fair of Contemporary Art founded in 1994. The Lingotto houses about 200 exhibition galleries with thousands of works. Paintings, drawings, lighting installations, fabrics, steel, small creations or whole salons dedicated to art. In addition to the Lingotto, many museums of the city will be involved, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Civic Gallery, the foundations of the Pinacoteca, with as many exhibitions, seminars and thematic conferences.


In November, in Turin, you can attend to Turin Film Festival. In the nice background of the National  Museum of Cinema, housed in the rooms of the Mole Antonelliana, during thirty-five years there has been a preview of films and short films from all over the world. In addition, the Turin Film Lab is very important in supporting new talents in the production and distribution of their works.

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