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Sanctuaries, theaters and ancient bridges in the area of Imperia

During your stay in Molino dei Giusi, situated in Imperia, in Liguria, you can visit sanctuaries, theaters and ancient bridges in the area of Imperia.


Oneglia, along with Porto Maurizio, is one of the urban centers that form Imperia. In fact the town has been unified since 1923. Oneglia is located at the mouth of the river Impero and developed around the Old Port. Today the port system has considerably grown and is the favorite docking point for tourists all year round.


In Porto Maurizio, we can visit the Cathedral, or the Basilica of San Maurizio, built in neoclassical style in the mid-nineteenth century. Is the largest church in Liguria with the two twin towers 36 meters high and the dome 48 meters high. The beautiful facade has an order of 8 Doric columns, an order of semi Ionic columns and the columns on bell towers are in Corinthian style.


Cathedral of San Maurizio Porto Maurizio

The Lodges of Santa Chiara overlook the sea giving us a beautiful view. The Monastery of the Clares, dedicated to Santa Chiara, was built in the early eighteenth century, but in the same place a group of women voluntarily retired to live in solitude and prayer, many years ago.

The oldest religious building of Imperia is the Oratorio of San Pietro, built between the XII and XIII century. The facade was subsequently modified in Baroque style with putty decorations and paintings. At the interior the vault it is completely painted.


In the village of Pieve di Teco we can visit the Teatro Salvini, the smallest theatre in Italy, built in 1834 with little more than 100 seats. The theatre was recently renovated and reopened to the public.


Near the village of Lucinasco, surrounded by greenery there’s the Maddalena Sanctuary. The church dates back to the mid-400, it was built in Romanesque style as witnessed by the rose window of the facade. The church is a national monument and inside preserves the frescos representing the life of Jesus and the saints.


Bridge of the Knights of Malta Dolcedo


The Bridge of the Knights of Malta or Great Bridge, is the oldest bridge in Dolcedo and connects the two parts of the town, divided by the Prino. It was built in 1292 by the Knights of Malta of which you can still see the coat of arms, and gives to the old town center a truly striking appearance.

The Church of St. Thomas has medieval origins, as evidenced by the portal in the fifteenth-century style. It was later restored in the Baroque style. It is notable for its putty decorations in pink and green, and the interior has 9 altars and numerous fine paintings.


In the small village of Montegrazie, there’s Sanctuary of the Virgin of Graces. It was built in the fifteenth century, but the place was already a site of pilgrimage for the apparition of the Madonna to a shepherdess. The sanctuary is rich in works of art, and various cycles of frescoes including those representing episodes from the life of St. John and the original sin.

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