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A travel trhough villas and places where History has been made

The lovely Maso di Villa Relais, in Susegana in the district of Treviso, in the Prosecco Hills area, let its visitors to enjoy the sightseeing of amazing places and cities like Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto.

Conegliano scattered of amazing Villas

Staying in Veneto at the Maso di Villa Relais, in Susegana (TV), allows visitors to take a tour to the near Conegliano, also in the District of Treviso.

Conegliano, strategically placed along the road to Friuli, had always been a mighty stronghold. Its origin is probably Roman, and it was born as a proper hamlet in the XII Century. Its old town is a marvellous example of medieval architecture, and it develops mainly along via XX Settembre. The castle, which nowadays is the seat of the City Museum, dominates the city from the peak of the Colle di Giano. Neoclassical Villa Gera has to be visited as well.

The long monastic and religious tradition of Conegliano is effectively represented by many buildings, such as the Duomo enriched by wonderful frescos, and the Church dedicated to St. Maria delle Grazie. Besides these places, you do not want to miss while visiting this Venetian town, coming from the Maso di Villa Relais, in Susegana (TV), the wide area of Conegliano offers also the chance to admire some famous Venetian villas, of great architectonical value.


Church of St. Giovanni Battista, Chapels frescoes-Vittorio Veneto

Vittorio Veneto, a thrilling destination

History enthusiasts will have one more reason to stay at the Maso di Villa Relais, in Susegana (Treviso), since from here they can reach many other places in Veneto, where history has been made. One of the destinations can be Vittorio Veneto, in the District of Treviso.

Vittorio Veneto was born, in 1866, from the unification of the municipalities of Serravalle and Ceneda. This new town owes its celebrity to the homonymous battle of the World War I.

You will be able to do this, and much more, staying at the Maso di Villa Relais, in Susegana (TV).

Vittorio Veneto offers its visitors some peculiar and moving feelings, such as those they can feel visiting the Battle Museum.

Of particular interest are the Church of St. Giovanni Battista, showing frescos from the XV Century, the Duomo, and the Renaissance Sanctuary dedicated to St. Augusta. Visitors should not miss, then, visiting the Pieve of St. Andrea, late gothic, the Church of St. Maria del Meschio, and finally, the Cathedral of Ceneda with annexed Loggia. This, and much more, can be done staying at the Maso di Villa Relais, in Susegana (TV).

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