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Merendina nella Saracca

The Merendina nella Saracca is a major festival that takes place in Monforte d’Alba, on the Easter Monday. It is a pleasant itinerary, which winds itself along the alleys of its old town, in order to discover exquisite dishes and some of the most renowned wines produced by locals. Also, there are amusements and games for the young ones.

Fiera della Ciliegia

The ancient Fair of the Cherry, a century-old tradition, has been born aiming to celebrate the end of spring and the cherry, its most representative fruit. In Dogliani Borgo and in Dogliani Castello, this typical fair is organised, while the non-conventional artisanship fair called Manufatti d’autore takes place in Borgo di Castello, which is the high area of the town, with a wonderful overlook.


Fiera della ciliegia Dogliani


The unmissable festival for any music fan from all over the Europe certainly is Monfortinjazz. This is an event that has been strengthening throughout the years, becoming a scheduled international attraction. At the Horszowsky Auditorium, many beloved world-renowned artists will take part into it, one of the finest kermesse.

Alba Musical Festival

The Alba Musical Festival releases, for eleven astonishing days, pleasant notes of classical music, which are an incredible background for churches, castles, and any highly evocative locations of this enchanting land. Renowned artists, teachers and students, as well as youngsters from all over the world come here to create an imaginary and wonderful musical route that establishes a strong bond between history and contemporaneity.

Festa dell’Uva

Founded in 1930, the traditional Feast of the Grape occurs at the beginning of September, every year, reviving the ward of Dogliani Borgo with folk and cultural events, open-air markets of local products, enological conferences, exhibitions, performances, and soirees that offer various attractions.

Tuber_Magnatum_Pico bianconiglio_opt

Tuber magnatum ( Tartufo bianco )

Fiera del Tartufo Bianco

Fair of the White Truffle is an international event, which gathers the attention of those buyers come here from all over the world.

Since the Eighteenth Century, the Piedmontese truffle has been considered one of the finest food among all the European courts, able to satisfy even the most noble and demanding tastes. In this occasion, it is duly celebrated.

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