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To visit Milan and to take part in the Expo 2015

A sojourn at San Giacomo Horses, located in Lombardy in Arluno (in the District of Milan), will allow you to comfortably visit the city of Milan  and to take part in one of the most important events, the Expo 2015.

Expo 2015 takes place in Milan from the 1st of May and it ends on the 31st of October 2015. This is certainly the best chance to take part in a global event  and to visit the beautiful city of Milan, at the same time.


Milan Duomo

When staying at  San Giacomo Horses, located in Lombard  in Arluno (in the district of Milan), you can combine business with pleasure. In fact, taking part in the Expo 2015 – one of the most interesting global exhibitions the theme of which is, for this edition, “Nourish the planet, Energy for life”, you will be able to visit the many pavilions and walk through the several thematic paths, connected to the theme of this edition.

Besides, there is also a tight schedule containing a number of events, from presentations and performances  to meetings, concerts, and workshops. Thus, in addition to taking part in an event of this size, you could also spend some time sightseeing the beauties offered by the  city of Milan.


Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Duomo is  undoubtedly  one of the historic and cultural symbols of the Lombard county seat. It is a magnificent example of a Gothic cathedral, and it dominates – with its astonishing beauty – the homonymous square from which it stands out. It took, for its realisation, more than five-hundred years of hard work, and it shows about 3.500 statues. It is possible to see its 135 spires closer by accessing to the roof through the elevators or the stairs.

If you visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie you will have the chance to admire “The Last Supper”, Leonardo’s famous masterpiece, and you really must not miss it.

Another famous symbol of Milan is the wonderful Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, while visiting the Scala Museum you will seize the opportunity to have a glimpse of the famous Theatre.


Sforzesco Castle Round Tower

The National Art Gallery of Brera and the Sforzesco Castle are just few of the many wonders offered by this modern town with an ancient heart. To complete your visit in Milan you must visit its famous Navigli. Nevertheless, considered that this city is also renowned as Italian fashion capital, you really should take a walk through the “Golden Quadrilateral”: Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea, Via Borgospesso, and Via della Spiga.

So, sojourning at  San Giacomo Horses, located in Lombard, in Arluno (in the district of Milan), you will have the opportunity to admire Milan, and take part in the Expo 2015. An unforgettable experience.

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San Giacomo Horses

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The Agritourism San Giacomo Horses few steps away from Expo2015 at Fiera Milano...
The Agritourism San Giacomo Horses few steps away from Expo2015 at Fiera Milano...
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