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Theatre, grapes and chocolate, festivals of Vittoria area


On March 19th in Scicli there’s the Cavalcade of St. Joseph. The particularity of this event stays in the magnificent trappings of the horses made with flowers representing religious scenes. The meticulous preparation creates a colorful and festive procession crossing the town streets dotted by bonfires prepared by the faithful, to then arrive to the church.


In May in Vittoria there’s the Scenic, an artistic event dedicated to theatre, dance, music. The spirit of the festival is the contamination of genres and the desire to bring the public closer to a modern and original theatrical style. The performances take place in the theaters and squares of the old town center.

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In August in Chiaramonte Gulfi there’s the Ratapun Festival, where music and street theatre are the protagonists. Between the squares and streets of the old town center dancers, jugglers, comedians, musicians start performing to entertain audiences of adults and children, more and more people every year.


In August in Chiaramonte Gulfi, there is the Sagra del Galletto, an opportunity to taste the recipes and typical products of the area, with olive oil, bread and salami. During the festival there are also many musical events and shows to entertain the audience of locals and tourists.


In September in Pedalino there’s the Festival of the Grape Harvest. The grape harvest has always been an occasion to celebrate and in Pedalino a festival has been organized for thirty years with grapes, wines, but also with many desserts and cuccureddi tastings, and many folk groups that will keep the festival alive with dances and music. There’s also the crushing of grapes and all the other processes that transform grapes into wine and give rise to other products such as juice and raisins used to make other delicious foods. The cycle of harvest is represented very well to pay homage to tradition.

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Chocobarocco photo chocomodica


In September in Ragusa there’s the Stairs of Taste. The staircase between Ragusa and upper Ragusa will be decorated with olive trees, vines, palms, citrus trees, almond trees, barrels, bales of hay, carts and antique furniture. This beautiful set design uses local products that can be tasted during the event such as wines, honey, almonds, chocolate and all types of products that are the protagonists of the festival. A truly original set up accompanied by performances, training workshops, conferences and conventions, local crafts and photographic exhibitions.


In December in Modica there’s the Chocobarocco. This original name wants to mix the two excellences of Modica, chocolate and its baroque old town center. And in fact the old town center is the background of this food and wine festival focused on homemade chocolate with tastings and workshops, and especially with the Chocolate Show, which showcases the variety of chocolate from the most common to the most exotic.

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