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The rustic dishes of the Maremma

During your stay at Manciano, in province of Grosseto, in the Maremma in Tuscany, you can taste The rustic dishes of the Maremma, and the best dishes in this beautiful region.

Pici all’aglione

The pici are a handmade fresh pasta similar to spaghetti but crass and bigger. They are known across central Italy and are suited to be accompanied by many types of sauce. In Tuscany you’ll find the traditional pici all’aglione. As the name implies, the sauce is garlic based, and the cloves (2 for every diner) are minced and lightly fried in olive oil along with chili, then the diced tomatoes are added and everything is cooked in a few minutes. This simple and quick recipe is really tasty!

Pici all' aglione

Pici all’aglione foto ouritaliantable

Agnello in umido

The Agnello in umido is a typical recipe of Tuscany, it was traditionally prepared for the celebration of the Ascension. Today you are able to taste this dish and find out how the simple preparation enhance the delicate meat of the lamb. The cooking should be done in a big earthenware pot, along with lightly fried onion and the lamb sliced in pieces. When the meat is well browned, add diced potatoes and tomato sauce, then some water and wait for half an hour. At the end of the preparation, the lamb is served with the cooking sauce, which is very good for fresh pasta too.


Cinghiale alla Cacciatora foto pianetadonna

Cinghiale alla Cacciatora

The cinghiale alla cacciatora is a traditional recipe of Tuscany and in particular of the Maremma, that is rich in cattle and bushmeat. The traditional recipe requires sliced wild boar meat marinated with red wine. Then the meat is cooked for forty minutes more or less with more red wine. Other pieces of the wild boar are minced to prepare a sauce with garlic, onion and tomato. This speciality is excellent when accompanied by a local wine such as Montereggio Doc. The sauce obtained after the cooking can be used with pasta. The recipe has many variants, for example the adding of olives or other vegetables.


The Acquacotta is a soup typical of Tuscany that comes from the pastoral tradition. Its humble birth is reflected in the few ingredients that, in the past included only wild herbs. Nowadays the soup is made with lightly fried onion, celery, carrots and chards. Then they’re all mixed with tomatoes to make the sauce that cooks for at least twenty minutes, and boiling water is added. The acquacotta is best served hot in bowls with toasted Tuscan bread and whisked eggs at the bottom, add some pecorino and you’ll have a simple but delicious recipe.

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