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The most interesting food and wine festivals in Calabria

Tri da Cruci

On the 3rd of  May, in Tropea, the Tri da Cruci (the three crosses) is a religious and popular. The anniversary remember the victory of the Christians (represented by just three crosses kept in an ancient Tropea church now destroyed), against the Ottoman army arrived by sea, during the famous Battle of Lepanto. The celebration is really impressive and includes flag-wavers, rituals, games that support  the event. Some cardboard shapes representing boats are loaded with fireworks, producing an impressive fireworks display, and later, a puppet on a camel (representation of an Ottoman), is burned in a fire called “camiuzzu i focu” “.

Tri da Cruci

Fish Festival

The small town of Parghelia, a few km from Tropea, in the first week of August hosts the Fish Festival. The event is long-awaited every year, both from all citizens of Parghelia and from tourists that visit the area. During the festival participants are offered the tasting of bluefish cooked in all ways, accompanied with excellent Calabrian wines.

Octopus Festival

The Octopus Festival takes place every year in August on the wonderful waterfront of Joppolo.

During this festival, the octopus will be cooked according to the ancient recipes of Joppolo, handed down in families for generations and always very appreciated.

The evening will be completed by several musical, theatrical and artistic performances, as well as kids entertainment consisting of fire breathing, jugglers, slits walkers and face painting.

Sujaca Festival

The Sujaca Festival is certainly an unmissable event for those who are intrigued by the Calabrian culture. The festival is dedicated to the typical product of Cariese, the beans (sujaca), which have been cultivated on the Monte Poro for several centuries, and today are prepared following the original recipe. This festival takes place on time, for 35 years without any interruption, on the evening of 6 August.

‘Nduja Festival

The Nduja Festival takes place every year in August, in the town of Spilinga. During the festival, the visitors are offered many recipes prepared with ‘Nduja (a kind of spicy salami), such as spaghetti, onions, beans, bruschetta, vegetables, meatballs, sandwiches and other homemade food. To support the event, there will be also many folk activities such as popular games and traditional music like the famous Calabrian tarantella.

Bluefish and Red Onion Festival

In July, take place one of the most famous festivals of Calabria: the Bluefish and Red Onion festival. The festival celebrates the renowned red onion, with a sweet and delicate taste, and together with the bluefish make up the basic ingredients of the Tropea tradition.

During the event you will taste many recipes based on these two typical ingredients. In addition, two traditional “Giants” masks take part in the event, recalling the love story between the Turkish Grifone and the Calabrese Mada.

Bluefish and Red Onion Festival

Wine Festival

In August, in Battirò, a few kilometers from Tropea, you can attend to the Wine Festival. Among the stands you can taste the best typical Calabrian dishes, and the wine … is free! Sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, desserts and every other delicacy will be accompanied by rivers of good wine.

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