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The magic of Abruzzo

A holiday at Altrocanto B&B, located in Abruzzo in Farindola in the province of Pescara, will give you the opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful and interesting places of Abruzzo.


Penne, located in the province of Pescara, is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Set in a beautiful hillside position between the valleys of the rivers Fino and Tavo, it was the ancient capital of the Vestini.

Among its many attractions are its cathedral dedicated to St. Maximus Levita and its crypt of the tenth century, the Church of S. Croce, the Church of Santa Chiara of 1600, the Church of San Ciro of the eighteenth century, the Collegiate of San Giovanni Evangelista of 1324, the Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova in 1648.

penne-museo-diocesano foto inabruzzo

Diocesan Civic Museum of Penne photo inabruzzo

The artistic, cultural and architectural heritage of Penne also offers other valuable evidence such as the beautiful Church of San Domenico, the Church of SS. Annunziata, the Church of Sant’Agostino, the Church of San Giovanni Battista, the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, the Convent of Santa Maria in Colleromano former Cistercian stronghold of 1197 and the Monastery Natività di Maria Santissima, where on the inside the Capuchin cloister are kept artifacts of exquisite workmanship.

Another site of particular interest is its Diocesan Civic Museum, one of the important realities of the Abruzzo region. Instead, as magnificent examples of civil architecture you can admire its doors as the San Francesco Gate where there is the bust of the Patron of Penne, San Massimo, da Capo Gate, Gate of Ringa and Gate of Conci.

Testimonials of the glorious past of Penne, are then its beautiful buildings, like for example the Palazzo De Dura with Renaissancial facade, Palazzo Scorpione, Palazzo Stefanucci, Palazzo del Giustizziere, Palazzo Aliprandi and Palazzo di Teseo Castiglione. Not to be missed the visit to the Piazzetta di Santa Croce that allows you to enjoy a scenic overview, and to the Piazzetta XX Settembre of 1842 and via San Francesco that leads to the Door of San Francesco and then to the old historical center of Penne.

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Loreto Aprutino view

Loreto Aprutino

A holiday at Altrocanto B&B, located in Abruzzo in Farindola in the province of Pescara, will give you the opportunity to admire Loreto Aprutino.

Loreto Aprutino, in the province of Pescara, is a city of great history and art, a diamond that is set between the Gran Sasso and the coast of Pescara. The ancient Roman Laurentum rises suggestively in what was once the land of the Vestini. Loreto Aprutino appears already from afar as a place of great emotional impact, a feeling given by the ocher of the bricks of its houses and the polychrome facades.

Valuable is its historical center, which has kept unchanged its characteristic medieval appearance. There are many fine and of high value buildings to visit such as for example the Santa Maria in Piano Church of Romanic origin, the Chiola Castle erected in the eleventh century inside of which, according to a popular legend, San Tommaso D’Aquino  would had lodged.

Then they deserve attention the Pottery Museum Acerbo where is kept wonderful collection, the oil Museum  important testimony of the ancient oil tradition and the Antiquarium Museum which is located near the former Convent of S. Francesco with its thirteen display cases containing interesting archaeological finds.

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