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Unforgettable staying among the green of Abruzzo

A holiday in the province of L’ Aquila, will give the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable staying among the green of Abruzzo.

Villetta Barrea

Villetta Barrea, located in the province of L’Aquila, originated in the fifteenth century. It was a feud of the Caldora, of the d’Afflitto and of the Caracciolo. The Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Barreggio is of great interest, founded in the 8th century, destroyed by the Saracens in the t10th century and rebuilt by Benedictine monks later.

The sixteenth-century palace that is located near the city’s defensive walls, the eighteenth-centuryTown Hall as well as the Old Mill, the Museum of the Water, the Tower and the Museum of the Tower are also valuable.

Lago di Barrea my

Lago di Barrea


A holiday at  B&B Da Nonna Li, which are both located in Abruzzo in Villetta Barrea in the province of L’Aquila, will give the opportunity to admire some of the beauties of Barrea, which is also located in the province of L’Aquila, and which has become a very appreciated tourist destination also thanks to the existence of the lake of the same name and as it is one of the most important places of the Abruzzo National Park.

Its territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times. After the Roman period, it was ruled by  the Langobards. The beginning of the creation of what is today’s village dates back to 1017, when the territory became part of the sphere of influence of the Abbey of Montecassino.



The Church of San Tommaso Apostolo, built in the 13th century, and the Church della Madonna delle Grazie built in the 14th century are of particular interest.  The Church of San Michele is also worthy of attention.

Do not miss a visit to the Convento fortezza, which was built around the year 1000 by the Benedictine monks and the Castle, built at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries. Its oldest tower has a square base, whereas  the circular one dates back to the 15th century. TheFontana del Mammarino and the Fontana di Barrea that is entirely made of stone are also very characteristic.

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