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The cookery pleasures of Emilia Romagna

A sojourn in one of our beautiful properties in Emilia Romagna, will give you the chance to try the cookery pleasures of Emilia Romagna.


The béel e còt, even though it looks like cotechino (Italian pork dish), is its “noble relative”, because it is produced from the pork muscle meat and the rind. It is possible to taste it mostly during the Feast of the Madonna of the Seven Pains (third Sunday of September), buying it straight from the shops in town, already cooked (which is what its name means), according to tradition, in huge pots. The tradition, in Russi, wants the bél e còt to be eaten on a good slice of flavourless bread, but also with mashed potatoes or bean stew, matched with a glass of canéna nova.

Il 'bel-e-cot' foto news romagnaatavola_opt

Il ‘bel-e-cot’ photo by news romagnaatavola


The Bel e Cot, even if it looks like cotechino, it is not. In fact, it is considered as the “noble relative” of it, since it is made from pork muscle meat and skin. The Bel e Cot, which translated from dialect, means “already cooked”, is possible to be tasted on the third Sunday of September, on occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of the Seven Dolours. In Russi, the tradition demands this dish to be eaten with bean stew, or with mashed potatoes, or with a slice of bread. All of that should be accompanied by a glass of good wine, maybe a Canena Nova.


The Romagnan donut is different from any other donut, since it has no hole in the middle, and it is ellipse-shaped. Its savoury and sweet taste is even more glorified by the sugar grain.


The Romagnan piadina, which in Romagna is called simply Piada, is traditionally stretched with a rolling pin so that it becomes thin. Its preparation is really simple. It requires flour, salt, and water. Once cooked, it is possible to stuff it with anything you can imagine. Usually it is stuffed with ham, herbs, and some squacquerone cheese.


Piadina Romagnola


The Passatelli are an excellent first dish, typical of the Romagnan cookery traditions. It is a dough, shaped in thin filaments, which can have different lengths. The Passatelli are supposed to be served in broth.


The Squacquerone cheese is a typical chees from Romagna. It is soft and particularly creamy. The Squacquerone, which has a white colour and a pleasant taste, can be spread on the bread as well as on the piadina.

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