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The beauty of Romagna, not only the sea

A vacation at Il Poggianino, which is located a few minutes away from Santarcangelo di Romagna, in Emilia Romagna, will give the opportunity to admire the beauty of Romagna, not only the sea.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo Romagna, which currently is in the province of Rimini, was the birthplace of Pope Clemente XIV. In Roman times already an alley existed, which in the eighth century was called Pagus Acerbolanus.

In 1164 it is mentioned as a castle. It belonged to the Bishop of Rimini. Subsequently it passed to the Malatesta until 1462, when it became a possession of the Papal States. The famous and well known Rocca, which already existed in 1164, was fortified by Rimini and in 1288 Giovanni Malatesta took possession of it. According to a legend, here happened the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca by Dante.

grotte-Santarcangelo Romagna

The Caves of Santarcangelo di Romagna

Instead, the Piazza delle Monache is one of the most beautiful squares of its old town, along which palaces and buildings that are of great architectural value look down to. At its center, you can admire a rare well dating back to medieval times. The caves and the church of San Michele Arcangelo are also of particular interest and value, while the bell tower that is at the center of the medieval village, together with the Arch of Pope Clement XIV, represent other interesting points to visit.

San Marino

Republic of San Marino

Republic of San Marino

Although traditionally the territory of San Marino is linked with that of Romagna, not for nothing it is nearby Rimini, is nevertheless to remember as in effect to be an autonomous State, an independence that has strong, deep and ancient roots dating, according to tradition, to 301 AD.

Another defining feature is that San Marino, although not part of the European Union, adopted as its official currency the euro.

It is here that Garibaldi and Anita, after the experience of the Roman Republic ended in 1948, found a brief refuge. Among the major historical and architectural landmarks certainly stand the Three Towers, Piazza della Libertà and the Palazzo Pubblico. The Basilica of San Marino, the St. Peter Church, the Church and Convent of St. Francis and the Capuchin Church are also to be visited. It is then of particular interest the State Museum.

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