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The agricultural festivals, the events and the ceremonies at the time of Matilde di Canossa

A wonderful holiday in Le Dimore Del Borgo Del Balsamico, situated in Botteghe di Albinea, in the district of Reggio Emilia, in Emilia-Romagna, is a great occasion to take part to the agricultural festivals, the events and the ceremonies at the time of Matilde di Canossa.


In April, at the Lido Po in Guastalla, you can take part in Georgica, a festival dedicated to the land and peasant tradition. The festival aims to enhance all the typical products of the territory with a large market-show, enhancing also the less known products among vegetables, fruits, wines and recipes. Georgica lasts for a few days and includes the Palio della Luisona, a unique race between architects and geometers who will have to design and make spectacular cakes.

Georgica., Lido Po in Guastalla photo


In May, in Reggio Emilia, Cantine Aperte offers the opportunity to visit cellars, vineyards and wine houses. In addition to the local wine tastings, including the less known and famous ones because are made with handcrafted and limited production, it’s interesting to discover all the production process, from grape harvesting to fermentation in the barrels. Cantine Apertre has been celebrated for 25 years throughout Italy and gets the consent of the general public each time.


In May, in Quattro Castella, there’s the Corteo Storico Matildico. This suggestive historical reenactment refers to the restitution of the feudals to Matilde di Canossa by Enrico V. The performers in costume stage the whole ceremony, in addition you will be able to attend the Historical Parade, the show of the Flagweavers, the Quintana of the Ring and theGran Passo d’Armi or Bridge Game.

Corteo Storico Matildico, Quattro Castella photo maestadellabattaglia


In August, in Vezzano sul Crostolo, there’s the San Lorenzo Festival. For the occasion you can enjoy local delicacies such as roasts and grills, cappelletti, desserts and local wines. The festival lasts for a few days and is full of concerts, dances, children’s games and artisan exhibitions each night.


In September, in Canossa, there’s the Canossian Reenactment. The costume ceremony represents the arrival of Henry IV in Italy to ask forgiveness to Pope Gregory VII and to avoid excommunication. The Pope, at that time, was guest of Matilde of Canossa in her castle, and it’s precisely where the two met, not before Enrico was publicly humiliated, waiting on his knees in the cold at the gates of the castle. During the days of the Canossian Reenactment, there’s also the Palio of Matilde: a cycling race between the town districts. There is also an exhibition of local products.


In September, in Reggio Emilia, there’s the Festival of the Giareda. The festival is linked to the celebrations for the Nativity of the Virgin on September 8th. In the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of Ghiara they celebrate the holy masses, while in the spaces in front of the basilica, in the evening, are organized markets and exhibitions of typical local products. The Festival of the Giareda has been organized since the seventeenth century to the middle of the nineteenth century and represented an important showcase for all the local merchants, farmers and breeders. Since almost forty years, they want to reenact this tradition with the modern Festival.

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