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Soups, beans and lamb in the Abruzzo National Park

During your stay in L’Aquila district in Abruzzo, you can taste soups, beans and lamb in the Abruzzo National Park and the typical dishes of this beautiful region.

Sagne e fagioli 

Sagne are fresh pasta cut into small strips. To prepare Sagne and beans you need beans soaked in water the night before, drained and divided into two portions. A first portion will be boiled in water for about an hour with tomato sauce, celery, onions and carrots. Once cooked, add a fry made of chopped onions, and make a cream with the blender, then add the second half of the beans that have been boiled separately. The fresh pasta is boiled and drained, and then is added to the bean cream to finish the cooking and absorb the flavor.

Zuppa del pastore

The shepherd soup is prepared with lamb . The pieces of meat are browned in a garlic fry, then some spices are added such as rosemary and thyme and finally the potatoes. Water is added to cover the potatoes and cook them on low heat until a small soup is created. The ricotta cheese is  prepared separately and then smashed and mixed with a soup spoon and is added on the side of the dish. The soup is excellent when served with toasted bread.

Sagne e fagioli

Sagne e fagioli

Arrosticini pecorani

The Arrosticini pecorani is a typical dish in Abruzzo that is also well known throughout Italy. It is a dish made with mutton skewers. The mutton is cut into small pieces and put in the skewers that are cooked on the grill or on a griddle. To make them even tastier you can add part of the fat alternating with meat cubes. The arrosticini pecorani should be served warm and wrapped in aluminum foils as the tradition tells. The guests will take the arrosticini one by one from the same foil, paying attention not to make them cool!

Minestra mar’tata

The mar’tata soup, which means marinated soup, is a meat soup that can be prepared with pork, sausage or ham. Then some vegetables like chicory, endive and cabbage are added and everything is cooked for a long time to exalt the flavor. It’s a dish of poor origin, in the past boiling the ham bone to give flavor to a vegetable soup was a common thing! Today you can get a richer version to taste!


Minestra maritata foto scattidigusto

Ravioli agli Orapi

The Orapi ravioli is a delicious first course prepared with wild spinach. Fresh pasta is made with flour, olive oil and eggs. The dough is rolled out and the ravioli are stuffed with ricotta and orapi . The filling is made of boiled and drained orapi, chopped and mixed with eggs, ricotta cheese, grated cheese and nutmeg, salt and pepper. Once filled, the ravioli have to be boiled in salted water and then seasoned. This dish is excellent with melted butter and sage.

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